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a musician who plays the lute

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The extant manuscript copy of "Full Fathom Five" was written by John Wilson, who attributes the tune to the well-known court lutenist Robert Johnson.
Two of these publications are devoted to the works of the prominent lutenist Nicolas Vallet.
The viol consort will be joined by lutenist Elizabeth Kenny for a concert featuring the music of John Dowland in St Mary's Church, Warwick, on January 22.
Ukrainian American lutenist, composer, and painter Roman Turovsky-Savchuk explains the development of his engagement with Ukrainian music and musical genres, in life as well as in cyberspace, in "Dialogues with Time.
John Dowland was lutenist to King Christian IV at the Royal Court in Denmark, while the composers John Johnson, John Danyel and Anthony Holborne were the great lute composers and players at the court of Elizabeth I in England.
They will then perform this piece in a master class with a lutenist who will coach them on the declamatory style specific to that genre.
The festival came to an end on August 20th with the concert by the well known guitarist and lutenist from the Republic of Croatia Edin Karamazov who was accompanied by the United European Camera Orchestra.
In this magical realist novel set in 17th-century Denmark, English lutenist Peter Claire finds himself an unwitting pawn in royal court intrigues when he joins King Christian IV's personal orchestra.
Tenor Park Padmore has also devised a satisfying programme of 16 songs of John Dowland, accompanied by lutenist Elizabeth Kenny.
Thus, for example, the protagonist's lutenist cousin, Kadem, embittered by lost love, reclaims his life through music; the deserter Omar tries to distance himself from violence; and Dr.
The spiffily attired Sting -- black vested suit and a white shirt with a turned-up collar -- was joined on the carpeted Disney stage by Bosnian lutenist Edin Karamazov, who played on the album.
There is Rose Tremain's beautiful historical novel, Music and Silence, one of whose central characters is a young lutenist in Danish King Christian IV's royal orchestra.
His odalisque in the Winthrop Collection, Odalisque with a Lutenist, anticipates his Antiope, perhaps in defiance of Baudelaire, who repeatedly and pedantically censured Ingre's command of anatomy.
The music is exhilarating; the performances, led by master Baroque lutenist and guitarist Paul O'Dette, are irresistible; and the recorded sound is beautifully limpid.
He also joined the chamber ensemble Romanesca, whose other members are lutenist Nigel North and keyboardist John Toll.