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a freeing from sin, guilt, or defilement

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He said that he voted himself for some of the lustration decisions when there was firm evidence of collaboration with the secret services and that he would do it again.
Arseniy Yatsenyuk reminded that two weeks ago he ordered the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and special lustration department to check the State Fiscal Service in terms of implementation of the lustration law.
Members of the Parlaiment should fall under lustration as well: we have same people in the Parliament as during Bakiev's tenure.
Despite these variations, relatively few testable theories have explained differences in lustration from a broader comparative perspective and fewer have considered religious legacies and institutions as a plausible argument.
The informers are the skeletons in the closet of the opposition and their existence makes the adoption of lustration particularly harmful to the dissidents themselves, which in turn ensures the credibility of the promise of amnesty.
Starting in 2004, the interest for the implementation of lustration policies reemerged.
The meteorologists on duty located that this time the wind came from the direction of Croatia, threatening to pull to the ground the Macedonian lustration that has already fallen on its knees.
Many believe both men should have reported their past under the Czech disclosure law known as Lustration, but the governing board has ruled the taw does not apply in this case.
I take lustration to refer to the purification of state institutions from within or without.
Although, in general, this form of sanctions may accompany a criminal conviction, in most Eastern and Central European countries lustration is in lieu of criminal prosecution.
With little apparent awareness that the term is evocative of pagan religious ritual, the Federal Assembly of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic recently adopted a Lustration Law, which bars those who had been members of the Communist Party above a certain rank, or who were registered in the files of the State Security as its collaborators, from serving for five years in managerial posts in the government, state-owned enterprises or various licensed businesses.
Yet, it's contentious, in his opinion, that the other short-listed candidate, Daut Dauti, was a member of the lustration commission, Dnevnik reports.
Branko Gjorgievski in Dnevnik reminds that nobody feels like the lustration process has terminated only by hearing the two hundred names, until the grand names of the people who cooperated with the secret services and breached fundamental civil rights, are served with justice.
The data which Zaev possesses should serve as material for general lustration because Macedonia is hostage of the late, selective and nontransparent lustration.
Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk has passed a check in accordance with the law on lustration.