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the property of being strong and healthy in constitution

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It is "lusty" in the sense of being vigorous, and that permits the constructor to present another seeming paradox, that of chastity somehow coexisting with lustiness.
The moral frame of the play exposes urban corruption in early modern Florence, but modern audiences of Middleton often suspect that moralizing does not explain the play's dark energy and lustiness.
Then there was the almost gourmet appreciation of the pollution of the crack, the dirtiness and lustiness of it.
Indeed, Clinket suggests, such lustiness defies the very codes and systems of civilization (descending into "barbarity").
The "Menuetto" had the right mix of decorum and lustiness, though I was slightly amused by the length of the pause Guerrero took between the minuet and the trio and again at the return to the minuet.
Compared to Obama's much-lauded but tedious life, cautiously plotted in countless Chicago backrooms, the Alaskan-sized lustiness of Governor Palin's full-throttle biography--the only-in-Alaska factoids about her keep piling up like an Old West tall tale--always leaves me laughing.
Nicholson is the Casanova of cinema and somehow his cool womanising and earthy lustiness just about manages to transcend any inevitable accompanying political incorrectness.
Mark Cartier provides moments of amusing deference as Master Brackett, Dale Place is sturdily good as Governor Bellingham, and Lisa Tucker invests the witchy Mistress Hibbins with a creepy lustiness before we find out that she is eventually burned at the stake.
Whatever the reason, these Guatemalan high forests are eerie, a green belt of dense jungle crowning the Maya Forest--a region shared by Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize--that, along with Brazil's Matto Grosso, is considered one of the "lungs of the Americas" because their lustiness provides a large and essential portion of the Western Hemisphere's oxygen.
The presumption of immunity to such female evil allowed male viewers to delight in the thrilling, often perverted pictures that judge, mock, and revel in the lustiness and curiosity (a trait that is positive only for men) of women seduced into witchcraft.