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pottery with a metallic sheen produced by adding metallic oxides to the glaze

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I want to talk about that because I've also been influenced by Art Nouveau lusterware ceramics.
Ceramics found by the archaeologists at Al-Rabadha encompassed all types of early Abbasid wares, including large blue glazed alkaline glazed jars, gold lusterware plates and other vessels, blue and white wares and splashwares of the finest character, the latter the product of the most advanced kilns of 3rdC.
By the 11th century the technique and style of this lusterware had become more widespread and, by the 13th century, large quantities of this pottery were being imported to Italy from Moorish Spain.
Kato was a leading figure in the restoration of Persian lusterware ceramics that had disappeared around the 16th to 17th centuries and also in the restoration of three-color glaze ceramics, the oldest Japanese pottery technique developed in the Nara Period (710-794).