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Synonyms for lusterless

Synonyms for lusterless

lacking brilliance or vitality

lacking luster or shine

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But I can't see anybody, except dance aficionados in desperate need of a boost to their self-esteem, going for this lusterless portrait of a midwestern ballet troupe, modeled after and featuring the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago.
Especially compared to the lusterless modern rock fare pumped out on KROQ-FM (106.
Tadasu is no Shining Prince, and "The Bridge of Dreams," with its lusterless, suburban excesses, threatens to devalue its own wrapping.
Agnes"; "Her eyes with a wide, blank, lusterless stare / Are fixed upon mine, and the strangling gold / Of her hair coils over me fold upon fold" (11.
It is thus that the Lilliput part of Shankar's novel impinges on the Madras part - which, by and large, is a rather lusterless narrative of political intrigue and violence culminating in the murder of Shanthamma, a trade-union leader.
Groans and moans invariably greeted important but lusterless proposals, like the growing pollution in Burgundy's canals or the prospering lace trade in Brittany.
When Connors says he loves us even if we don't love him he's thinking of a lusterless style, and doesn't really care whether Jimmy is likeable or not.
So, then: an 8 x 10 photograph, originally sepia-toned, as the fashion of the 1890s prescribed, now faded to a lusterless brown-yellow.
There are also stories within the story -- such as the fighting cock, the reincarnation, at various times, of murdered men who come back to exact terrible revenge on their betrayers -- that Weave welcome flashes of magic realism through an otherwise lusterless plot.
That threatening "figure," namely a gaze he has come to associate with Nancy, survives to dis-interpellate Sikes by bearing witness against the closure of his identity within the criminal network: "Those widely staring eyes, so lusterless and so glassy, that he had better borne to see them than think upon them, appeared in the midst of the darkness: light in themselves, but giving light in themselves, but giving light to nothing" (430).