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Synonyms for lusterless

Synonyms for lusterless

lacking brilliance or vitality

lacking luster or shine

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The Chinook TMs do not have NSNs for black lusterless paint in spray cans.
gruneri by its cylindrical-tapered shape, by its narrower juvenile shell, by having a lusterless white shell with more numerous fine, flat, thread-riblets, by having a weaker umbilical keel, and by the following measurements; standard length, 24.
Cash-crazy Casey insists he always wanted to play in the lusterless Tour Championship (eh?
Surgical case definitions: Laparotomy done in all the patients showed characteristic picture of bowel gangrene with lusterless bluish-violet bowel.
Those few which have been found are lusterless, elongated rhombohedrons reaching at most 1 cm; they rest directly on chlorite or quartz and are rich in mordenite inclusions.
On a visceral level, the emblem was appropriate because it was as if the red devil himself were the passenger in my lusterless car, which baked for an afternoon in the flames of the Alabama sun, and which has had no air conditioning for three summers.
As one would expect, during Lucien's reading at Madame de Bargeton's lusterless gathering of her acquaintances, Chenier's masterful poem, "L'Aveugle"elicited widespread boredom (5.
Some researchers have even suggested that shampoos formulated with sulfates can initiate hair loss and leave hair dull and lusterless.
The chemical bluing and browning methods that came next were quick methods that created an appealing lusterless finish that reduced the possibility that the glint off a gun would give away the shooter's presence to the enemy or to a game animal.
Following his recovery from the brutal flogging that he suffered at the whim of the Bulgarian army, Candide sees a beggar "covered with pustules, his eyes lusterless, the tip of his nose eaten away, his mouth twisted, his teeth black, and speaking in a hoarse voice, racked by a violent cough and spitting out a tooth with each effort he made to speak" (15).
In fact, some researchers say, shampoos formulated with sulfates can initiate hair loss and leave hair dull and lusterless.
Experimentally, then, I decided to frown for them, and, sure enough, as soon as I began to frown the rose faded back to pink and then to a sort of lusterless gray.
I studied her pasty, puffed-out face and lusterless eyes and I knew she was very sick.
They know their lusterless but lofty assignment to be the transformation of(past) being into knowledge--or, as Burckhardt once so movingly put it: "Was einst Jubel und Jammer war, muss nun Erkenntnis werden.