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the property of being lush and abundant and a pleasure to the senses

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With the exception of the Guardian reviewer, who found himself "seriously out of sympathy" with the stories and did not appreciate Pearlman's "hyperbolic lushness," the critics agreed that "Pearlman is our greatest living American short story writer, and Honeydew is her best collection yet" (Boston Globe).
Sitting somewhere between the lushness of Norah Jones and quirkiness of Joanna Newsom, the quartet create songs that intertwine melancholy with rich harmonies.
Promoted last season from the corps to soloist, she shifts from percussive jazziness to supple lushness, zeroing in on musicality and choreographic intention.
Full of summery chord changes and melodic lushness, it's fuelled by a lifelong love of The Beach Boys.
The string arrangements are heavenly, her voice is gorgeous and the song-writing sits somewhere between the lushness of Norah Jones and the quirkiness of Joanna Newsom.
From the lushness of the Sea of Galilee to the history of Jerusalem and the wonders of the carved ancient city of Petra, Jordan, an upcoming tour with Flying Wheels Travel will explore the best the region has to offer.
In the bustle of the crowded town and the lushness of the bush, human life can be altogether frail and disposable.
Despite the lushness of Gangacharan's surroundings (beautifully captured by Soumendu Roy), the price of rice at the local grocery store only keeps climbing.
This high-quality omnibus captures all of the original issues' lushness of color and complexity of design, and the inclusion of never-before collected materials makes this the perfect starting place for getting to know Delgado's fast-paced, exhilarating, and sometimes funny, version of the dinosaurs' daily lives.
Reviews were mixed, though London's Sunday Times hailed it as grand opera "in the ambition of its theme, in the lushness of its post-romantic idiom and in its sheer dimensions.
Less of the lushness and more of the village church permeates the sacred music of Schubert, and three of his Masses are in the excellent hands of the Immortal Bach Ensemble with the Leipzig Chamber Orchestra under Morton Schmidt-Jensen.
There's a seductive lushness to many of her canvases.
It also celebrates the natural beauty and lushness of Hangzhou, a temperate "garden city" renowned for its history of artistic and intellectual refinement.
The mural gives the area a sense of lushness, with its shadows and light.