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Continue to "Sit"-pause-lure, but now, start to vary how long you pause before luring to give your dog's brain time to process the information and respond.
Continue to repeat this step, and remember that he may still need some luring. Just because he sits in response to the cue sometimes without luring doesn't mean he fully understands.
makes Deer Sense, the lure that smokes, carrying luring scent on the air currents.
If you avoid these potential pitfalls, luring is a valuable and effective training technique.
It's as if you were saying, "Dog, the word 'Down' means the same thing as me putting the treat on your nose and luring you to the floor."
The goal is to get the dog to quickly realize and reliably understand that the cue--not the luring or shaping, etc.--indicates that he has an immediate opportunity to earn a reward for performing a specific behavior.
Males far outnumber females in this species, and efforts to reduce cabbage looper populations by luring males to traps sprayed with female sex pheromone have proved ineffective, leaving a large percentage of males still available for mating.
"My first Saluki, Giselle, began luring when she was four years old; we just didn't try earlier and were surprised at how much fun it was for her.
By luring their avian customers to these realistic sets, they try to breathe life back into ailing island ecosytems that once rang with the racket of nesting seabirds.
Perhaps at least as important, they may also serve to protect the community of beneficials that arrive by offering a means of luring them out of fields or gardens before insecticides are sprayed.