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Luring can be seen as a form of coercion--when the dog doesn't really want to do the behavior, but because he wants the treat so badly he feels compelled to do it.
Districts are using it mainly for three purposes: Luring students to their schools given dwindling pupil enrollment; showing parents why building a new school, or any other project, is needed given overcrowding; or recruiting teachers, Moore says.
Evidence of prey luring exists for numerous species of viperid, clapid, and boid snakes as well as six colubrids.
The meter-tall plant resembles a cobra with its hood spread and protruding "fangs" that cover its "mouth," luring prey with nectar.
There are also aromatic dusts that can be puffed into the air to permeate the area with special scents, both for luring and masking.
But if you have designs on luring a largemouth with an artificial - a manufactured lure, you have to bear down, step up to the plate and make your selection.