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someone waiting in concealment

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One dog, a lurcher named Murphy, suffered injuries to his lower jaw - a classic sign of badger baiting - but instead of getting help, Carter took a photo and proudly captioned it: "Big chap nearly lost his jaw."
But this sweet lurcher, also called Marley, is pulling on animal lovers' heartstrings to find him a home.
Tinker, a cream lurcher, was discovered in Finchampstead, a village near Wokingham, some 180 miles away on Boxing Day.
Domino, aged three, Lurcher Domino is a sensitive soul who can be shy when you first meet him, however he will quickly become your friend.
Both girls are typical 12 month old Lurchers - affectionate, loving characters.
Stefan Doorhof, 24, of Brompton Place, Tredegar, and Adam Taylor, 30, of Llwynhelyg, Tredegar, had lurcher dogs which "mauled" the deer in the Forest of Dean before the men cut its throat and gutted it, Cheltenham magistrates heard.
People are put off by the exercise they think lurchers need, but they don't need too much." Jed will need an experienced owner but if you are interested in him contact the Dogs Trust on 01325 333 114.
Bull-lurchers, a mix of bull terriers and lurchers, are being taken into the countryside to tear to pieces animals such as cats, badgers and foxes RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes said: "There are a large number of individuals throughout the Wirral, Merseyside and indeed the North West who now have these dogs and are keen to go out into the countryside, usually at night with high powered lamps, which they scan across fields, setting these dogs onto any eye shine that comes back.
POLICE were yesterday seeking the owner of a Staffordshire bull terrier which caused the death of two lurchers and injured their owner.
I had no idea in which direction she had gone so I locked my three lurchers in the car and returned to the park for a frantic search.
The dogs were both adult tan-coloured lurchers, one male and one female.
The men had gone for a walk with two lurchers and two terriers.
Cyndy Curley has a penchant for abandoned lurchers and discarded greyhounds.
Mrs Morden said: "The most popular breeds for dog-nappers are labradors, lurchers, spaniels, Jack Russells and Staffordshire bull terriers.
PINS AND NEEDLES: Chris fixes a base to one of the charity Christmas trees; PUPPY LOVE: Chris and Billie with one of the lurchers. Chris had a well deserved drink later; HI THERE: Billie with pet pups