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Lupin says it aims to continue to strengthen its market presence by launching new products and expanding its pipeline to offer medications in new therapeutic areas such as dermatology, pediatrics, women's health, inhalation and complex injectables.
Lupin is now the fifth largest generic company in the US (by prescriptions).
Latest news and deals relating to the Lupin Limited's pipeline products
Lupin chief executive officer ( CEO) Vinita Gupta said," This is a pivotal acquisition for Lupin as it aligns with our goal to expand and deepen our US presence.
I was always under the impression lupins - those tall, pointy, pink, purple or white plants - were purely decorative.
Lupin seed is high in protein (30-40%) like soybean but is significantly higher in dietary fibre (30%) and lower in oil (6%) and contains minimal starch [15].
The overall winner of the show, the Laurent-Perrier garden, had lots of yellow lupins - Lupinus 'Chandelier' - planted to great effect among a field of Orlaya, those lovely white flowers a bit like lace-cap hydrangeas.
They wish to expand the clinical studies of lupins into different populations such as Oman.
Lupin expressly disavows any obligation to update the information presented in this release*Keppra XR(R) is a registered trademark of the UCB Group of Companies.
Unfortunately lupin is known to trigger allergic reactions in sensitized individuals.
4 March 2011 - ICRA reaffirmed yesterday the LAA+ rating on a non-convertible debenture (NCD) of Lupin Ltd (BOM:500257), giving it a "stable" outlook.
The story of these two friends takes a turn when Lupin starts to age.
From the marginal position, Remus Lupin steps forward, temporarily centralized, to teach other characters and Rowling's readers three lessons about their world and themselves: overcoming intolerance of the racial Other, accepting the incurably ill, and abandoning moral binaries in favor of a more nuanced morality.
One of the world's largest manufacturers of drugs that combat bacterial infections, cardiovascular disease and tuberculosis, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, has selected Movianto to provide warehousing and distribution services for its UK market entry.
said Thursday that Indian generic drug company Lupin Ltd.