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Synonyms for lunette

temporary fortification like a detached bastion

oval or circular opening


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The adjustable lunette comes in a kit that includes a height adjustment assembly, safety chain extensions, storage brackets for the old lunette, and installation instructions.
The size of the aeolian lunette was important in all top models at the lake scale and had the highest importance variable ([summation]wi = 1.
Timms (1998) proffers a more detailed outline of the extent of Lake Wyara, and suggested it contains several stranded beach lines, but no lunette was present on the eastern side, unlike other lakes of the area.
Rosenfeld developed the thesis that Antoniadi's artistic training was crucial to his 1909 revelation: he was an expert in the illustrators' technique of stipple drawing, by which he could ensure the transfer of exactly what he saw at the eyepiece of the Grande Lunette to the printed page of a journal, in a way that other observers could not.
The revival of the Lunette is symbolic of this library's renaissance as a focal point in the area.
The lateral walls are painted with scenes of Buddha preaching, the vault with narratives of Bodhisattva sacrifices, and in the lunette above the entry/exit door the Bodhisattva Maitreya is shown.
They feature a split effect of solid tone fabric at the bottom and an upper lunette and head restraint that match the colour of the steering wheel.
Do not put hands near the pintle hook when aligning it with the lunette eye hook.
Piggy Paint, Green Toys, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Lunette and eco-kids are among the 30 eco-friendly children's products Green Team Distribution distributes.
Lunette and Candy Kitten fought out the finish and it was Lunette who got the better of the battle, holding on to defy an in-running high of 150 (SP 10-1).
One lunette shows a cloudy London sky with a grainy linear pattern that echoes the intricate engraving on the silver.
Optical dating of lunette dunes and electric spin resonance (ESR) dating of relict gypsum dunes on the lake floors of lakes Lefroy and Cowan, east of the wheatbelt (Fig.
The Hall of Remembrance is an awe-inspiring room where eight lunette fresco panels by Sir Frank Salisbury decorate the walls.
Anthony Lunette also had three hits and two RBI for USC, which broke the game wide open in the fifth inning by scoring four runs to take a 5-1 lead.