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Synonyms for lunette

temporary fortification like a detached bastion

oval or circular opening


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Lunette is designed for all women, including those who have not had sexual intercourse and those who use an IUD or contraceptive ring (consult a physician).
There's now an adjustable lunette available that allows for level hookup between the M-ATV and LTT.
Lunette and Candy Kitten fought out the finish and it was Lunette who got the better of the battle, holding on to defy an in-running high of 150 (SP 10-1).
The Louvre lunette relates the story of the foundation of the Basilica of Santa Maggiore in Rome, following a miraculous fall of snow, after which the Sevillan church was named.
The bank's new merchant partner base includes: La Cigale Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Doha, Four Seasons Doha Hotel, The St Regis Doha, Whyndham Grand Regency Doha, Sharq Village & Spa, The Torch, Millennium Hotel Doha, Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa, Oryx Rotana Doha, Movenpick Tower & Suites Doha, 51 East, iSpace, Clarks, Mephisto, Point Zero, Bose, Bang & Olufsen, Tasmeem Flowers & Chocolates, 4 U, Dados Beauty, Qatar Optics, L'Ottico, Optic Gallery, Optifashion, Lunette, Grand Optical, Impression Boutique, Dados Boutique, Consult Dental Center, Gulf Adventures Tourism, Le Notre Paris, Roger's Diner, Dunia Restaurant, Chili's, Romano's Macaroni Grill, Johnny Rockets, MBCO and Bert's Cafe.
In addition, a free eye test is available to customers at Qatar Optics, L'Ottico, Optic Gallery, Optifashion, Lunette and Grand Optical stores.
He was reduced to tears as Lunette Sampson spoke about his work at a clinic in a poor neighbourhood in San Diego - a foundation he set-up in remembrance of his dead father.
Lorazepam, Lunette, Samsara, Dithyramb, Obeah, Pollard, Klaxon, Kohl,
The target area consists of lunette dunes formed on the eastern edge of the estuary and a potential headland to the east (down drift) of the drainage.
He commented that deflation and lunette formation from prevailing south-westerly and north-westerly winds were important processes in the formation of the lakes, and that some were formed in palaeo-drainage features.
This event was organised primarily by Nicholas Biver of the Paris Observatory to mark one of the lesser-known anniversaries occurring in the International Year of Astronomy 2009: the centenary of Eugene Antoniadi's crucial observations of Mars with the Grande Lunette, the 83cm refractor of the Paris Observatory at Meudon, in 1909 September.
According to Sforza Galitzia, who formerly studied da Vinci manuscripts as a researcher at the University of California, the central half-moon window, or lunette, above his painting of Christ with his disciples before the Crucifixion pointed towards the hidden "code".
The artwork known as the Lunette, a neo-classical depiction of knowledge being handed down by the gods of culture, had darkened with age and become completely obscured.
A rapprochement between science and traditional cultures at a meeting of scientists and indigenous owners at Mungo in 1989 established a commitment to full collaboration between both groups, a compact that was sealed by the return of the Mungo I cremated remains on the sandy shores of the Joulni section of the Lake Mungo lunette in January 1992.
I climbed in, lay down on the bascule, and put my head in the lunette in order to see what it felt like to be a man at the furthest limit, during his last seconds.