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Synonyms for luncheon

a midday meal

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I have come here, sir, with a little gift for Miss Isabel, in honor of her marriage," Moody answered quietly, "and I ask your permission to put it on the table, so that she may see it when your guests sit down to luncheon.
After luncheon he cornered Macintosh, one of the members whom he knew to have been a college man, because of his football reputation.
After all, it pleases her to ask us to luncheon, and it doesn't hurt us.
The luncheon can wait a few minutes longer," Clara answered.
The only way of writing in peace and quietness would be to wait until they were all at luncheon, and then return to the library.
Indeed, even before luncheon he charged me, among other things, to get two thousand-franc notes changed for him at the hotel counter, which put us in a position to be thought millionaires at all events for a week
He ordered a substantial luncheon and a bottle of wine.
The Shaggy Man will be at the luncheon, I guess, and Tiktok.
Mirabel with a frying pan in his hand, and never have tasted the only good dish at our luncheon.
When noon came they opened the Fox-King's basket of luncheon, and found a nice roasted turkey with cranberry sauce and some slices of bread and butter.
Pokey and her mother joined the party, and one bright September morning six very happy-looking people were aboard the express train for Portland two smiling mammas, laden with luncheon baskets and wraps; a pretty young girl with a bag of books on her arm; a tall thin lad with his hat over his eyes; and two small children, who sat with their short legs straight out before them, and their chubby faces beaming with the first speechless delight of "truly travelling.
She had not the air of being about to accept an invitation to luncheon.
Flushing whispered peremptorily, "stay to luncheon.
Lord Romsey commenced his luncheon with an air of relief.
Wingrave resumed his seat and his luncheon without remark.