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Synonyms for lunch

a midday meal

take the midday meal

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provide a midday meal for

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References in classic literature ?
It makes the case very interesting, the inspector declared, "especially when we find him engaged to lunch with a young lady of such remarkable discretion as miss Penelope Morse.
On the eighth day, however, he rang her up on the telephone, and invited her to lunch.
Later in the morning Joe happened to ask her out to lunch.
It gave me a great shock, this narrow escape, and I got on to my feet quickly, and burying the remains of my lunch under the gigantic molehill on which I had been sitting, asked myself nervously what I proposed to do next.
Would you like to see what the operation of coining is, while my man is getting the lunch ready?
Your lunch is a long time coming," said one of them.
But I made up for my lost supper, eating an enormous breakfast, and when I hobbled to catch my car I carried a lunch twice as big as the one the day before.
Long before midday I had eaten the last scrap of my huge lunch.
And at lunch she seemed more out of focus than usual, and nearer the line that divides life from a life that may be of greater importance.
Don't pretend you enjoyed lunch, for you loathed it, but forgive me by coming again, alone, or by asking me to you.
Often, on Sunday, she prepared a lunch, and he drove her out into the hills behind Prince and King, whom Billy's employer was still glad to have him exercise.
For the first several weeks she prepared his lunch for him.
If it's fine, I'm going to pitch my tent in Longmeadow, and row up the whole crew to lunch and croquet--have a fire, make messes, gypsy fashion, and all sorts of larks.
It will be such a help to Laurie, for I can row, and Meg see to the lunch, and the children be useful in some way.
He says that if we can get down there in time to have lunch at two o'clock, he can show us over the 'Scorpion.