lunatic fringe

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a political unit with extreme and fanatical views

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Now it looks as if I shall be consigned to the lunatic fringe once again.
But then there is Tokyo, which could be said to rest at the far end of the spectrum of government action from Rotterdam, on the lunatic fringe of private pragmatism.
You should reflect the Muslim community in its entirety, not just the lunatic fringe.
But the piece that is in many ways the most telling is a brief article in the Minneapolis Tribune from November, 1967, at a time when distance runners were still considered part of the lunatic fringe.
This proposition should not find voice outside the lunatic fringe of political discourse--certainly not in the pages of Catholic Insight.
That seems reasonable enough: A few Social Darwinists may survive to urge that the unsuccessful should starve to death and their children should remain illiterate, but if they are to be found at all, it is on the most lunatic fringe.
Russert and the rest of the elite media lapdogs have left it at that, laughing it off as a non-issue of interest only to the supposed lunatic fringe.
Those who maintain otherwise are the lunatic fringe, purveyors of policy quackery.
By contesting the Republicans in the southern states, Democrats will force Republicans to drop their disguise and reaffirm their credentials with the lunatic fringe that makes up so much of their support.
has always had its lunatic fringe, of course: those self-disenfranchised souls who manage never to quite fit in with their society.
It seemed even more than ever to be the refuge of high-end audio's lunatic fringe.
The level of receptivity you can expect from an audience varies widely--from the sincerely interested to those who consider you part of the lunatic fringe.
There was a heated exchange when deputy council leader Cllr John Mutton (Lab, Binley and Willenhall) branded some of the opponents of the Phoenix Initiative as "the lunatic fringe which seems to occupy all the newspaper space''.
Most end up in the remainder pile at our local bookstores, gaining only a lunatic fringe as a loyal audience.
Or it can become the very "Establishment" that the current Lunatic Fringe is screaming about.