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Synonyms for lumpish

Synonyms for lumpish

lacking dexterity and grace in physical movement

unwieldy or clumsy, especially due to excess weight

Synonyms for lumpish

mentally sluggish

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An angry society spokesman branded his scheme 'over-bulky, ungainly, squat in proportion, lumpish and with no style or elegance'.
Those who espouse divisive ideologies of every stripe, which reduce our wondrous cosmos--and humanity's place in it--into something "stiflingly crude and lumpish.
so we locate love in its lumpish constancy, while the mind goes on
There was greenery enough for every mood, jasmine for an inspiring afternoon and lumpish growths for a miserable morning.
Another lumpish connector with an absurdly long power cord is troublesome.
Manicom provides some nice bits of description like this of a provincial administration building: "It was lumpish, a ten-storey cube fronted with heavy blocks of reddish stone grimed by decades of industrial soot and trimmed in black at every opportunity: black doorways, windows, cornices.
In the case of The House of Fame, whether it is unresolved (like a lumpish amalgam of disconnected episodes), deliberately disjointed or architectonically secure remains a dividing issue.
He who performed as sexy and charismatic at the first meeting may present as lumpish and withdrawn at another.
When I recognised her I felt lumpish and stupid, and dread bubbled in me.
Life for attractive twentysomething Ilze (legit actress Iveta Pole) in her unnamed hometown consists largely of drudge work as a fisherwoman and hanging out with her lumpish mechanic b.
they have big noses and gnarly faces, lumpish bodies, yellow teeth"; the list goes on.
So a lumpish, hirsute, 40- something male first lifer could become a 25-year-old svelte young male with chiselled cheekbones and just a slight shadow of stubble.
While the design elements are occasionally on the somber side with some rather heavy baroque overlays, our lumpish talking Dead Clown (Jeff Raz) seems to be thoroughly enjoying the carnival of his own imagination.
Heathrow Terminal 5, sadly, looks lumpish in comparison and rather inhumane, but we must wait and see.