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Synonyms for lumpish

Synonyms for lumpish

lacking dexterity and grace in physical movement

unwieldy or clumsy, especially due to excess weight

Synonyms for lumpish

mentally sluggish

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So a lumpish, hirsute, 40- something male first lifer could become a 25-year-old svelte young male with chiselled cheekbones and just a slight shadow of stubble.
While the design elements are occasionally on the somber side with some rather heavy baroque overlays, our lumpish talking Dead Clown (Jeff Raz) seems to be thoroughly enjoying the carnival of his own imagination.
Heathrow Terminal 5, sadly, looks lumpish in comparison and rather inhumane, but we must wait and see.
Saukumarya is grace inculcated by removing roughness, and Udarata is sublimity brought in by doing away with whatever is rustic or lumpish.
Nicholas Culpeper describes Melancholic people as 'naturally covetous, self lovers, cowards, afraid of their own shadows, fearful, careful, solitary, lumpish, (and) unsociable.
Play and technique are what make thematic material as sodden and lumpish as Dancer in the Dark soar.
Before Stein disappears from the text, however, Wagner Martin insists that Hemingway demeaned her yet once more, mocking her lumpish appearance and intruding (ed.
95) arrived it was heavy and lumpish - a John Prescott of pastas.
There's flamboyant Olga and her lumpish husband, Osip; a Russian Orthodox priest who has taken a vow of silence but can't help but splutter; and the servants, crippled Ivan and his beautiful, abused wife, Anna.
You know your lumpish self will come back shrunken, nursing an ego that stays sore and small like an acorn, a nut refusing to germinate.
Meanwhile, it seemed that to avoid accusations of racism the black couple, especially the delightful Nina, were far more attractive than the lumpish whites.
The play is by turns sweetly sentimental in its handling of the fragile romance that evolves between Kitty and Joe's lumpish go-fer Tom (Patrick New) and melodramatic in its demonization of the evil, fascistic cop Blick (Lawrence MacGowan).
The women were problematic: a shrill and pitch-insecure Donna Anna of Anja Harteros (whose acting, when she realizes the identity of her father's murderer, is a striking and unfiltered example of the Theda Bara School), and a well (if forthrightly) sung Donna Elvira of Christine Goerke, but one that substituted loudness for intensity, and a sort of lumpish anger for the rage of a scorned woman.
Physically, they are anti-Semitic cartoons: The priests have big noses and gnarly faces, lumpish bodies, yellow teeth; Herod Antipas and his court are a bizarre collection of oily-haired, epicene perverts.
It takes a while to get going, and has some lumpish components - great chunks of history are welded to the narrative - but it's designed with real expertise and moves with speed.