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a complete payment consisting of a single sum of money

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One pays a yearly lump sum of approximately PS600 and the other pays me a monthly payment of PS56.
On the death of the scheme member death benefits can be paid as either a lump sum or kept within the scheme and be taken as income drawdown.
The rules are simpler if the individual dies before they turn 75, where both inheritance and withdrawals, including lump sums, are tax free.
People think monthly payouts are bigger than the equivalent lump sums if the monthly payout is more than their actual monthly expenses.
If you are 60 or over and, after taking any 'Small Lump Sums,' you still have pension savings of under PS30,000, you can also take this as a lump sum.
Despite having to live cautiously and with concerns over pension amounts not being sufficient, the majority, 79%, drawing a company or private pension in 2011, took a 25% tax free lump sum.
Researchers claim people who invest lump sums in the stock market typically get better returns over the long term than those who make regular contributions.
Veterans should be relieved that the commission has apparently given up on the idea of lump sums," said National Adjutant Arthur H.
MIDLANDERS today received a tough warning over the pitfalls of helping themselves to tax-free lump sums from their pensions once they pass 50.
Under that doctrine, lump sums received as a substitute for future ordinary income are not capital gains.
However, if the alternative interest rate produces a lower interest rate level, plan participants would generally receive larger lump sums, some employers would need to increase contributions to their plans, and PBGC may experience an increase in revenue.
These artificially inflated lump sums have discouraged many employees from electing to take their benefits as annuities -- contrary to federal retirement policy -- and have imposed substantial and largely unanticipated cash demands on pension plans.
It might provide an up-front amount to take care of accumulated medical expenses, then dispense lump sums at certain points later, such as when a child enters college or the recipient reaches retirement age.
In another change, the provision for automatic quarterly cost-of-living pay adjustments was revised to provide for the accrued amounts to be paid in lump sums at the end of each quarter.
Xpress makes lump sums effortless for employees and mobility managers.