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refined sugar molded into rectangular shapes convenient as single servings

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Thus, for example, every Grocer knows that very good lump sugar can be manufactured from beet-root: it might be manufactured from parsnips, carrots, turnips, and the juice of the stalks of Indian corn.
canlynol: "Cymorth i wella yr Influensa Rwsiaidd: Ammoniated tincture of quinine ' oz, Essence of peppermint - oz, Bromide of ammonium ' oz, Spirit of sweet nitre ' oz, Simple syrup made by boiling 1lb lump sugar in half pint of DIOLCH yn fawr iawn i J Ellis-Jones, Hen Golwyn am ei lythyr diddorol ac addysgiadol am bara gorig, ffisig sgwells a Gees Linctus.
In a large coal-heated samovar, water quickly came to a boil and teapots and tiny estekans made their appearance, along with lump sugar to sweeten the requisite after-dinner tea.
For 32 people he'd use up 30 eKB yolks, two pints of syrup (made from lump sugar and water) and creme de menthe.
Relaxed comfortable confident trainer mouth guy current missus enamoured irritated husband keys patience late exotic baboons skateboard hyenas pirouette behaviour nagging laundry bedroom shirt basket kiss guru clue lump sugar mouth arduous T-Cut delicately drain black pudding accelerate furring dinner-dance shake stick.
The researcher followed them around with a shopping trolley advising them on such insignificant things as whether the Victorians used cube or lump sugar.