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Synonyms for lummox

a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

Synonyms for lummox

an awkward stupid person

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Ever wondered if that unqualified superlative "Brilliant!" splashed across an ad for the latest tuner might have been cleverly extracted from a review that actually reads, "Could have been brilliant, if only everyone involved weren't such lummoxes"?
And people who dismiss my novels are lummoxes and dopes.
And Ladbrokes are really out to lure the lummoxes with their 200-1 quote for a highly improbable English glory haul.
In mainstream academia the enemies are clearly identified as a few big, greedy lummoxes. In the biomedical community, the professional associations have a more proactive role-often being major publishers themselves.
"A circus with a girl in a short skirt and naked legs so the lummoxes won't leave the car.