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The passage from Ruskin that follows, however, does not deliver on this suggestive alignment, as Ruskin is now in the city itself, asking readers to consider "what is very peculiar to this church--its luminousness" (38).
With the morning light, the fern brake is misty and blurred, as if gender itself were mixed in `hazy luminousness'.
This luminousness, rather esoteric in Priest's account of the essay, is brought back into the realm of the material by Hermione Lee who, in a 1984 essay, notes that Woolf's moments of being, like the one captured in "Summer's Night," are often rendered in concrete metaphors for illumination: mirrors, glass, and other reflectors ("Burning"19).
Interpretation, as Susan Sontag memorably wrote "is the revenge of the intellect upon art." A few pages later in the same essay, "Against Interpretation," she extols transparence in art (and criticism), writing that it "means experiencing the luminousness of the thing in itself, of things being what they are." Art, as Sontag persuasively argued, doesn't stand for something else but is itself a thing, and while Dorsky's films can inspire explanatory reveries, they are also beautiful objects.
The beauty of Venice this year is artistic director Bice Curiger's precise and well-paced articulation of ideas in the international exhibition, "Illuminations," which seems to peel back and expose what Susan Sontag once called "the luminousness of the thing itself, of things being what they are." Although perfectly competent as an exhibition, "The Future of a Promise" seems to trust the art less.
The principle behind the epiphanic experience that permits things to be seen with a special luminousness is that "things are not fully seen until they become hallucinatory.
When a sense of helplessness holds us back, we are to remember our baptismal anointing and know that we are not alone or unequipped in all our efforts at luminousness.
Minkowski argues that whole spectrum of moods lying between euphoria and severe depression--the opposition between darkness and luminousness, both of them regarded as deviations from clearness.
In our case, we already test in advance, how a certain form of ring will react to its surroundings, its brightness, luminousness and what details should we emphasize (Kerlow, 2009).