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light from nonthermal sources

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Luminescence will be headed by Paul Cooper, who has more than 30 years of experience in the security market.
The device was based on environmentally resilient biosensor bacteria and miniaturized luminescence readout electronics that communicate with an external device wirelessly.
Thermally stimulated luminescence (TSL) (5) and optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL) (6) are observed under thermal and optical stimulations, respectively.
The main aim of this study is time-resolved analysis of luminescence properties of GdV[O.sub.4]: [Sm.sup.3+] nanopowders.
Luminescence measurements were recorded in a Cary Eclipse luminescence spectrometer (Varian Inc., Mulgrave, Australia) with Cary Eclipse (Varian) software and a Hellma 1010-QS quartz cuvette (3500 [micro]L volume, 10 x 10 mm light path).
Lux-ampere characteristics of XRC and X-ray luminescence are one of the main features of semiconductor detectors of ionizing radiation.
A widely discussed solution could be a singlephase phosphor emitting luminescence bands of different colours due to the presence of several optically active doping ions.
The Australian study used both radio-carbon dating, which reaches its limits at around 50,000 years, and luminescence, which uses laser beams, to date 28,500 individual grains of sand from the site, which sits on a Rio Tinto uranium mining lease in the Northern Territory.
The luminescence consists in an emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat.
The collections Luminescence, Zen and Nids D'Ange symbolize simpler delights and pleasures.
There are optical oxygen sensors and indicators [4, 5], which employ the principle of luminescence quenching or color changes caused by the contact with target substances.
Each sensor has a unique optical path length from the source to the detector, so the sensor luminescence arrives at the detector with a specific time delay that corresponds to the location of the sensor in the array.
The luminescent nanothermometry is based on the luminescence features which are analyzed and which are used for the temperature measurement [1, 4].
It is known that the photoluminescence characteristics of bulk state depend on the Alq crystalline phases ([alpha], [beta], y, etc.) and molecular packing [25-28], and these parameters have been controlled by synthetic pathways as well as by postsynthetic treatments, indicating that the crystalline phase is associated with the luminescence properties of Alq.