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a unit of luminous flux equal to the amount of light given out through a solid angle of 1 steradian by a point source of 1 candela intensity radiating uniformly in all directions


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a cavity or passage in a tubular organ

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Housed in an aerospace-grade aluminum tube with a stainless steel clip and bolt, the smooth "bolt" action flashlight has three modes ranging from 100 lumens down to five.
If the candlepower is unchanged, the only way total lumen output can go up is if the illuminated solid angle becomes larger.
By resuming ownership of the Lumen Awards as an autonomous IESNYC program, we hope to eliminate any confusion people may experience when participating in either awards program as well as simplify the administration and management of the Lumens," said Megan Carroll, chair of the Lumen Committee and director of sales, east, for Xicato.
The simplest way to think of the difference between the two is that candlepower/candela is a unit of brightness, whereas lumen is a measure of light output in a certain direction.
Hands-on and adding value during every step of the process, Simon Whittle, Head of Lighting and Innovation for the Titchfield Group, said, "Following an extensive review, we recommended the Digital Lumens system for its ability to deliver unmatched energy efficiency savings to our client; for its completely integrated, end-to-end approach to lighting that addressed all the needs within Ardo's mobile racking facility; and, for its superior illumination qualities.
The commingling of life and lumen maintenance for LED lighting systems is unlike what occurs with more traditional light sources.
Khimjia€™s Lumen Zone is a unique concept to the GCC region, it allows customers to see, feel and choose their preferred lighting.
Time required for position: from inserting the bronchoscope until satisfactory placement of the bronchial blocker (Coopdech, Arndt or Univent group) or the endobronchial lumen of the double-lumen tube.
Continuous "Y"-shaped lumen has one lumen that splits into two or three inside a continuous tube.
Lumen Software has introduced a solution which empowers developers to create secure browser-based applications, regardless of an organization's infrastructure.
LED developers have to increase lumen output in order to have a shot at capturing any significant portion of the forward lighting market currently dominated by cheaper halogen bulbs, but cost-effective cooling currently remains out of reach.
This ultra-high lumen 860W LED array offers 10 times the brightness of previously demonstrated LED arrays, with 13,300 lumens.
We are using the lumen of tubes as a gateway or portal through which we can instill topical medications (e.
The company reports the LifeJet catheter provides high flow rates with 20% lower arterial lumen pressures than its top two competitors.