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a workplace where lumber is stocked for sale

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Customers who would like to visit the lumberyard can do at 11106 Telephone Road in Houston during normal business hours.
But when she went to the lumberyard, she was told he had never been there and that they didn't know who he was.
Jackel Enterprises is a specialty lumberyard serving all of Northern California and North America with 25 species of hardwoods and over 10 species of softwoods suitable for furniture, cabinetry, millwork and any project where the quality and appearance are critical.
But it would still be difficult for someone to go into a lumberyard and buy three two-by-fours.
If you don't have a table saw, ask your lumberyard to rip the 1-by-4 to 3 inches in width and the 1-by-10 to 8 inches.
The lumberyard is across the street from the fire station.
The retail giant went public last fall with plans to build an approximately 207,000-square-foot supercenter at the former Tembec lumberyard, near the intersection of routes 10 and 302, the Caledonian-Record reported.
INDUSTRY - More than 100 county firefighters battled a stubborn blaze at a lumberyard that forced the evacuation of a nearby apartment building early Wednesday but caused no injuries, authorities said.
Kent Pachl, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing commented, "Historically, Ironclad has delivered the majority of its sales through the construction, hardware and lumberyard channels.
After Joe finished his education, he worked with his father in their Bowesmont lumberyard, then joined him to open another in Pembina, N.
We were not reaping the full benefits of the rough mill because of a lack of information from the lumberyard," said Patricia "Pati" Lovins, lumber buyer/yard manager of American Drew.
I was one of the Chatsworth residents who, along with community activist Michele DeGaetano, organized a protest that spurred the demise of the lumberyard and the subsequent arrival of Metrolink.
Buildscape has been operational since February 2000 with another affiliated lumberyard.
A lumberyard or building material dealer location can become a Certified Green Dealer if 75% of its sales personnel view a series of web-based training videos (and pass eight individual quizzes) about building basics, green building, and green building products.