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Synonyms for curvature

Synonyms for curvature

something bent

Synonyms for curvature

(medicine) a curving or bending

the rate of change (at a point) of the angle between a curve and a tangent to the curve

the property possessed by the curving of a line or surface

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Results: Changes in total lumbar curvature and lumbar spine height for this subject in the unloaded and loaded conditions are displayed in Figure 1.
When adequate lumbar curvature is lacking, pelvic organs are predisposed to prolapse.
A total of 92 patients had abnormal lumbar curvatures, and among them loss of lumbar lor-dosis was by far the most common abnormality.
Allen Siekman, Invacare's director of seating and positioning product marketing, explained that the Comfort+Plus(TM) Rocker seatback and cushion conforms to the shape of the individual using it, which means that it provides support to people who still retain a normal lumbar curvature, while not straining the upper backs of those who have lost such curvature.
2009) Lower extremity joint kinetics and lumbar curvature during squat and stoop lifting.
The new lumbar supporting mechanism is ergonomically designed and can be adjusted to fit various lumbar curvatures and effectively help relieve the stress of the sitter.
However, no studies have analysed the thoracic and lumbar curvatures and pelvic posture in elite and master cyclists on their bicycles at different handlebar-hand positions.