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in an unenthusiastically lukewarm manner


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(6) Due to its rather severe limitations, the AFISMA mission was received by the UN only lukewarmly, as reflected in Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's reports to the UN Security Council.
Ordinary citizens had also lukewarmly welcomed the National Salvation Front's (NSF's) conditions to withdraw from the street and take part in a proposed dialogue with the President.
forcing the administration to switch positions and lukewarmly support
Up until now, Cameron has lukewarmly supported EU membership, though he has left the door open for an exit.
PALESTINIANS reacted lukewarmly to the news of US President Barack Obama's re-election for a second term, saying they are not hopeful this will improve their situation.
advocated for interactions that walk the middle ground between "gatekeeping" and "college-for-all." Gatekeeping means discouraging certain students from attending college but encouraging others, while the college-for-all approach refers to lukewarmly encouraging all students towards college.
Although he would change the wording somewhat, Sir Mark Young, the Governor of Hong Kong, supported Percival, as did Heath more lukewarmly. Wainwright and the American generals were opposed, they were not prepared to write an American letter to the Swiss Minister similar to the British one that Percival proposed.
After demonstrating that art world gatekeepers either ignored or lukewarmly received exhibitions like Wall Hangings (Museum of Modern Art, 1969), Auther frames this rejection by probing the pejorative connotations of the words "decorative" and "craft" in the writings of philosopher Immanuel Kant and art critics, most notably Clement Greenberg.
As a result, in spite of both sides perceiving each other lukewarmly and each paying minimum lip service to the other, their interactions have always maintained mutual courtesies.
The proposals for an intensification of cultural cooperation that the Russian delegation to Sofia advanced Saturday were met somewhat lukewarmly by the Bulgarian party.
Regardless of JP Morgan's sanguine view of TSMC's outlook, the foundry's shares have been recently traded lukewarmly mostly because the growingly cautious attitude of foreign institutional investors towards TSMC in view of GlobalFoundries posing increasing threat and foreign capitals rotating out of semiconductor sector into other high-tech segments.
The pair had had one of their well-documented falling outs in the weeks before and the atmosphere between the twohung heavy in the air as they laboured through a somewhat leaden set drawing heavily from the lukewarmly received album Heathen Chemistry.
Many cities that ultimately adhered to the league did so only lukewarmly and after considerable hesitation.
While much of the show was a vehicle for the lukewarmly received album X, there were enough oldies included to keep the fans of old more than happy.
Inquisitors often followed lukewarmly, as they did over Judaizers (for example, in Genoa in the 1490s).