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Referring to the lukewarm response to the Supreme Court mandated auction of 2G spectrum, Sibal: "The government did exactly what the courts wanted it to do-that is sell the airwaves, or radio frequency spectrum, that was vacated after 122 licences and accompanying spectrum issued in 2008 were cancelled by virtue of a apex court order.
The lukewarm interest of the private sector in those projects will boost the financial burden of the government, thereby aggravating the serious debt problem.
Mr Green is expected to meet key M&S shareholders next week to explain his offer in detail after outline terms receieved a lukewarm response in the City.
She contrasted the enthusiasm of the Welsh CBI for the plan with the lukewarm response to proposed changes to GCSEs and A-levels in England.
SURCHARGING fines is just another daft motoring stealth tax dreamt up by someone in a lukewarm bath.
The Lord tells us in Revelation that He will "spew" (vomit) the lukewarm out of His mouth.
The office investment market has remained solid despite the lukewarm leasing market, as real estate investment returns remain healthy compared to other asset classes.
The format was nothing new as fans of the lukewarm Survivor will testify.
ACCOUNTANTS have been given a lukewarm endorsement by members of the Institute of Directors (IoD).
The company's Nasdaq initial public offering received a lukewarm response as investors questioned whether AOL could get people to pay for something that other companies at the time were giving away.
Does Nader really think that lukewarm attitude is no different from Gore's outreach to gays and lesbians?
Although the UK's traditional limp, naked lettuce is under siege by tasty foreign vinaigrette, and her lukewarm beers are losing ground to well-chilled Continental lagers, regional differences in the visual arts will not, I repeat not, be subject to European Community homogenization - and Rosemarie Trockel's Whitechapel retrospective proves the point.
Despite a good reception from the community, Briscoe-Brown's financial picture remains lukewarm. "There is only a 2% profit margin for independent bookstores," says Ho-Shing, an American Booksellers Association member.
By the time the lukewarm reviews of Paul Simon's The Capeman came out, Mark Morris, its original choreographer and director, was elsewhere, free at last of the constraints and vexations that the $11-million Broadway show had brought him.
In fact, President Reagan's support for the program "was always weak at best," he says, and the unlikely prospect that industry would reap any immediate financial benefits garnered it only lukewarm support there.