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marine worms having a row of tufted gills along each side of the back

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Zoe Morrall, Capturing Our Coast project officer at the University of Portsmouth's Institute of Marine Sciences, said: "Not a lot is known about lugworm reproduction and it is fascinating how the entire population of a species spawn, just for a few days every year, only when the environmental conditions are perfect.
The Arenicola marina - more commonly known as the lugworm - plays an important role in fisheries as a source of bait and is a source of food for wader birds and fish.
It's been discovered that the humble lugworm could be a lifesaver.
The lugworm, favoured by fishermen, is packed with oxygen carrying haemoglobin - the vital ingredient of blood.
The pair discovered the lugworm has haemoglobin which carries 40 times as much oxygen as human haemoglobin.
And its name rose further in 2006 when it was hired to farm lugworms to be used in a research project - backed with funding from Buckingham Palace.
A humble lugworm, usually used as fish bait, could hold the key to saving millions of lives.
So the search has been on for a way to deliver oxygen to tissue by finding a compound that can be dissolved in water ( and the lugworm has provided us with the answer.
Two years later, the firm outlined its new medical lugworm research plan to David Moore, representative Secretary p of the Queen's Awards Advisory Committee.
used shark oil and gelatine in a lugworm mould and was featured on TV Tomorrow's World, when the presenter said it was good enough to eat
It was only then that they found they had "busted" a perfectly legal trade between a lugworm dealer from Blackpool and a keen fisherman from the North East.