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the quality of excessive mournfulness and uncheerfulness

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Any opportunity for genuine insight is choked off by an atmosphere of endless self-pity and a substitution of earnest lugubriousness for entertainment.
It would surely be a shame if, in the present context of lugubriousness and lack of imagination which seems to be afflicting many European politicians and populations, such achievements were to be forgotten or their consolidation and development neglected.
It was the chance to commune with Ray ( a man who brought to the role of publican a glorious mix of lugubriousness and occasional misanthropy.
Director Kamal Tabrizi's movie is deceptively simple, a sort of Persian Sister Act with little of the poetic lugubriousness generally associated with Iranian cinema.
At the 1995 Dayton negotiations that ended the Bosnian war, Milosevic's bonhomie stood him in good stead next to Croatian President Franjo Tudjman's stiff formality and the guilt-inducing lugubriousness of Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovic.
While Dee's trademark lugubriousness was genuine while he was in the house, his suffering and defiance in the eye of Big Brother elicited the viewers sympathy and, much to his chagrin, they kept him in, eventually voting him their favourite housemate.
Besides helping to harmonise the King's familial arrangements Pompadour also brought an intense injection of fun into a court environment which had tended to reflect Louis' lugubriousness.
Although over fifty rights activists are quoted in the work (the Dalai Lama, Vaclav Havel, and Marian Wright Edelman, to name just a few), none of the voices gives any hint of individuality, and the dozens of characters are invariably defined with lugubriousness and heroic resolve, often to the point of tedium.
But the scornful beau has been known to dance on <rare> (10) occasions; generally when his hostess, tormented by the expression of high-minded lugubriousness and lofty dullness that sits upon his brow, fears that he is not agreeably entertained, and drags him off to be introduced to a charming girl who waltzes delightfully.
Although late-twentieth-century audiences primed to see constructivist orderings and neoclassical antecedents in Nijinska's choreography would likely disagree with Edwin Denby's 1944 pronouncement of this ballet as "Radio City corn of incredible lugubriousness," it is not as boldly Spartan as the choreographer's Les Noces nor as wryly topical as Le Train Bleu or Les Biches, both Nijinska ballets that Oakland has restaged to well-deserved acclaim.
But lain Baxter & got the joke first, sending up the lugubriousness of cultural production in the 1960s--a time when the press release, the grant proposal, and the institutional contract were new inventions in a burgeoning art economy.