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Synonyms for lugubrious

Synonyms for lugubrious

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excessively mournful

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Standing in the Parish Church pulpit he lugubriously described the context of the music.
Piled high on the chests and dressers and plain scrubbed trestle tables there are stoneware kitchen crocks, apothecary jars, preserving pans, giant pestles and mortars, rural English china with pictures of cows paddling lugubriously in brooks.
A rational investor must indeed have a sense of an ending," Gross lugubriously intones.
The Head, Mr Kirsopp (none of the Turn to Page 42 kids knew his first name, of course), "emerged lugubriously at the end of lunchtime," recalled Hilton.
Among the shambles of a continent / Puerto Rico, lugubriously / you bleat like a roast goat" (1988: 45).
Oleaginous, lugubriously lipped recruiters, who would make even a snake-oil salesman blush, accused of charging sponsors a huge fee and then leaving the recruits to languish under the burden of reimbursing their huge "fees" to pay for their visas or return of passport, maids sometimes being assigned to Dickensian-style workhouse conditions and if in desperation, they run away, they enter the netherworld of being trapped in Bahrain.
But I find the larger context of this situation to be salutary, structurally important, and with key positive dimensions--rather than being uniformly and lugubriously lamentable.
We can track its changes through half a dozen self-portraits, from the lugubriously El Greco-esque treatment of Self-Portrait (Hand on Chest) of 1913 through the abstract colour patches of Self-Portrait with Arms Crossed (1923) and the defiantly broken brushwork of Self-Portrait as a Degenerate Artist (1937) to the freedom verging on Abstract Expressionism of Time, Gentlemen Please (1971-72).
Neither ethnographic, lugubriously humanitarian, nor straightforwardly political in the manner of, say, Jeremy Dales admittedly powerful bombed-out car-cum-sculpture from Baghdad's Al-Mutanabbi Street, the work in the pavilion is probably a faithful reflection of contemporary art from Iraq.
Lugubriously she remarks that her husband had also lent their copy to a friend and it had never been returned.
The third part of the cycle begins with an even more airy feel, in an even slower tempo, more softly, wistfully and lugubriously, and its masterfully written and masterfully delivered gentle orchestral accompaniment beautifully trails away.
When we learn that a tailor, presumably the speaker's father, chalks a "daughter-shaped" outline on his drafting paper, the image is lugubriously thrilling yet unexplained.
This false cult lugubriously manifests itself on Oprah, and it peeks out at us from the hundred-mile diet, the environmentalist's cry that we should live in harmony with the world, and the naughty things liberals say about capitalism and consumerism.
It's late, Dean is drunk, Sammy's scampering about in schoolboy prankster mode - while Francis Albert Sinatra, chairman of the board, lugubriously fires insults at his pals.
To wit, after narrating a terrible hardship and another insupportable loss, he drops, lugubriously, a "pessoptimistic" word of wisdom followed incongruously by a wickedly funny one-liner.