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Synonyms for lugubrious

Synonyms for lugubrious

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excessively mournful

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That long, lugubrious howl rose on the night air again
It was not physical pain which gave him that air of despondency, and that lugubrious look; it was the expectation of the thanks that were about to issue from the king's mouth, and cut off all hope of restitution.
at Vaux," said Porthos, with a lugubrious expression.
He saw the two whale-boats land on the beach, and the sick, on stretchers or pick-a-back, groaning and wailing, go by in lugubrious procession.
When Captain Van Horn first encountered her had been when she was the central figure in a lugubrious procession on the banks of the Balebuli River.
I confess I looked with some interest myself towards the old family pew, appertaining to Wildfell Hall, where the faded crimson cushions and lining had been unpressed and unrenewed so many years, and the grim escutcheons, with their lugubrious borders of rusty black cloth, frowned so sternly from the wall above.
There was something lugubrious in the aspect of the cabin; the air in it seemed to become slowly charged with the cruel chill of helplessness, with the pitiless anger of egoism against the incomprehensible form of an intruding pain.
In a knot-hole of the garret, that had opened, she had inserted the neck of an old bottle, in such a manner that when there was the least wind, most doleful and lugubrious wailing sounds proceeded from it, which, in a high wind, increased to a perfect shriek, such as to credulous and superstitious ears might easily seem to be that of horror and despair.
it is not only a question the recurrent pall of lugubrious gray tonalities that mute the light of these interiors, but of the very choice of objects depicted - the cross and grimacing skulls of the memento mori still-lifes; the unexpected importance of a stove and coal scuttle as a source of domestic warmth at a time of chilling austerity; the meager presence on a kitchen table of a single fish, a reflection, as Golding tells us in his consistently revealing catalogue essay, of the food rationing introduced to Paris in May 1941.
With Janet Henfrey bringing all the necessary lugubrious charm to another of Wilde's great comic inventions, Miss Prism, this is an evening to sit back and enjoy his satirical genius.
The lugubrious Walsh nailed a couple against Mick Manning in a match that never got going.
The overall effect tediously dark,overly lugubrious.
Like a cross between Tony Hancock, Bryan Ferry and a snooker player from the 1970s, his sideboards appeared to be growing across his face like fungus, while his long, lugubrious features were like those of a bad-tempered horse.
NOT YOUR TYPICAL FRIDAY-NIGHT SHOW: Wallowing in sex crimes is hardly the perfect capper to an evening spent enjoying ``Providence'' and ``Now and Again'' - let alone ``Sabrina, the Teenage Witch'' or ``Kids Say the Darndest Things'' - but Dick Wolf's ``Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,'' a spin-off from his phenomenally successful series, remains a compelling, if lugubrious hour of television drama.
Whereas Robinson wanted us to believe that the bowler shared in the modern lightness of being, Harvey is lugubrious in intent, and therefore in conclusion.