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Lues maligna is characterized by marked prodromal constitutional symptoms, as observed in our patient.
Lues maligna is characterized by occlusion of the blood vessels with resultant fibrinoid necrosis at the dermal-subcutaneous junction.
Now together the Lues tackle each hectic day with fervor.
The Lues, like other professional couples, share grocery shopping, laundry and dry cleaning responsibilities, too.
Lue has not overseen a game since failing to see out the 114-109 win over the Chicago Bulls at the United Center on March 17 where he did not return for the second half of the game.
Being the third time this regular season that he missed portions of a game due to what has been reported as health problems, Lue ( stepped aside indefinitely with assistant coach Larry Drew temporarily taking over his coaching duties.
Spatial and temporal variation in the APAR, LUE, and NPP of Sichuan grasslands was also analyzed.
The CASA model computes NPP as a function of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation (APAR) and light use efficiency (LUE) [14, 26] as follows:
The Tai Lue communities claim rights to their community forest within the park, but their village sites and paddy lands lie in a valley outside of it.
Like Jonsson's Mien consultants, the Tai Lue and Lua in this case are engaged in projects of self-definition and claims to rights in response to state regulation and its discursive and political-economic elements.
In Wooden Fish Songs, she chooses to tell the story of the male protagonist from the points of view of three women: Lue's mother, Sum Jui, who permits her youngest son to leave for the United States to protect him from her sister-in-law's jealousy; Fanny, the white woman who suppresses her erotic feelings in order to "adopt" Lue into the United States; and Sheba, the African American who wryly observes Lue's attempts to enter US society as a class-race equal.
The intriguing pattern emerging from these interwoven women's narratives suggests Lue's ultimate limitation as a heroic figure.
However, Lue failed to see out the full game as he sat out for the second half with assistant coach Larry Drew taking over.
It marks the third time this season that Lue has missed portions of a Cavaliers game with no word on what his supposed illness is at this point.
Dans une allocution, lue en son nom par le secretaire general du ministere des Affaires etrangere, il a releve que [beaucoup moins que]la politique de Abdelaziz Bouteflika, mise en oeuvre par son gouvernement, s'inspire de sa conviction qu'aucune democratie ne peut se consolider en l'absence d'une veritable association de la femme[beaucoup plus grand que].