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He critiques major ME advocates, evaluating Ingmar Persson and Julian Savulescu's call for compulsory ME to avoid the otherwise inevitable apocalypse as simplistic "to the point of ludicrousness" and appraising James Hughes's claim that conscientiousness is 50 percent genetic to be scientifically careless.
And 'Toba Tek Singh' captures the loss of place and identity and the ludicrousness of the situation by depicting the situation through the inmates of a mental asylum.
We will not dwell on the ludicrousness of this statement, because it may be construed as interfering in Israeli domestic affairs.
I do love it, despite my awareness of the ludicrousness of the storylines, and the suspension of disbelief I have to employ over the coincidences that put people who happened to stumble upon things in episode one at the centre of events in episode six.
His cringeworthy rant 'The Strangely Boring Visit Of Iran's President To Turkmenistan,' published by RFE/RL on 30 March 2018 takes the cake, speedily overtaking the standard Bruce Pannier ludicrousness. I really feel sorry for him.
In terms of widening the parameters of climate change fiction, seminal recent work has valorized the popular genres of science fiction and horror, and, by extension, weird and speculative fiction, by taking seriously the "ludicrousness" of their "posthuman comedy": their abilities to represent "the inhumanly large and long" (McGurl 539); that is, the vast scales of time and space commensurate with the planetary processes of climate change.
He can be still periodically be found saving the president or the planet from befalling calamity of varying degrees of ludicrousness in big, brainless actioners like "Olympus Has Fallen" and its sequels.
According to O'Donnell, who offered no proof whatsoever for his conspiracy theory, "it's always worth remembering that if Vladimir Putin really does have ways, known or unknown to Donald Trump, to influence Donald Trump, then every day that is a good day for President Trump is a good day for President Putin." Continuing with further ludicrousness, O'Donnell declared, "You won't hear ...
I would urge AMJ to read Bjorn Lomborg's recent peer-reviewed report, which points out the ludicrousness of the Paris Accord.
"It just goes to show the ludicrousness of conceptual art and how anything can become art," Jack said.
CONSISTENT only in its ludicrousness, this Exorcist rip-off is so godawful you'll need a saint's patience not to giggle.
To anyone capable of grasping basic logic, acknowledging the ludicrousness of the cutoff would seem cut and dried.
But I can't help but imagine the sheer ludicrousness of applying many of these developments in Lebanon.
It's mostly images that capture the day-to-day moments and the mild ludicrousness of the tie that binds us, skateboarding, with a few choice guest shots for good measure: Newton and Spike.