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Synonyms for methaqualone

sedative-hypnotic drug (trade name Quaalude) that is a drug of abuse

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We had the opportunity to offer a green amenity in a location where residents and prospects are very receptive to it," De Lude says.
Recurrent urinary tract infections, dyspareunia, endometriosis, vaginitis, and vulvodynia as well as interstitial cystitis are among the conditions that present with symptoms of LUDE, according to Dr.
It saves time and money, all while keeping many activities housed in one centralized organization," says De Lude.
Other well-kno wn supporters of Vote 2004inc lude actresses Joan Collins and Joanna Lumley, author Jilly Cooper and composer Andrew Llo yd-Webber.
Photo: (Color) Spiritual guru Deepak Chopra's followers inc lude celebrities and corporate executives.
RMS continues to offer renters many quality lifestyle options in a variety of locations throughout the Washington, DC metro area," says Vice President of Marketing, Elaine De Lude.
Our aim is to make our residents, vendors and team members conscious of the impact our actions have on the environment," says Vice President of Marketing Elaine De Lude.
Our customers include some of the largest and some of the smallest txStream solutions, high quality video and audio lude Bell Canada, NBTel and Kingston Vision.
We at Realty Management Services really understand the importance of people's homes and want to be sure we are helping the people of Haiti recover as quickly as possible from this catastrophe," says Elaine De Lude, Vice President of Marketing.
The beauty of our NewsBase news production system is that it has a unique ability to scale across a wide range of station sizes," said Peter Lude, senior vice president of systems engineering and marketing for Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Professional Company.
The centre will inc lude the normal court rooms dealing with criminal and civil cases but also counselling and rehabilitation services tackling issues such as drug abuse, poverty, family violence and unemplo yment.
NBC's choice to use Sony equipment at the IAAF World Championships and for the next 10 years to broadcast the Summer and Winter Games further reflects the network's confidence in Sony and the MPEG-2 format," said Peter Lude, senior vice president of systems engineering and marketing for Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Professional Company.
The blacklisted sectors inc lude retail, constr uction, restaurants and computing.
This will inc lude viewings of its superb neo-c lassicalfacade, the magnificent Victorian dome in the GradeII* listed Picton Reading Room, the ornate Edwardian Hornby Library and the atmosphericOakRoom.
Ven ues inc lude the Conservatoire of Music in Toronto and the Basilicaof Notre Dame in Montreal.