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Synonyms for lubberly

clumsy and unskilled

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inexperienced in seamanship


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of reading, since we might in vain turn over all the lubberly volumes of
Maybe it's lubberly to talk about those waves in the language of aesthetics, as if they were natural attractions like alpine peaks, but objective nautical numbers didn't suffice.
Even the lubberly Indiamen she escorts to Portugal disparage the "inveterate sagging to leeward" (291) that retards their progress.
He wrote, "[w]e owe to them [the town meetings] the vigor given to our revolution in its commencement in the Eastern States, and by them the Eastern States were enabled to repeal the embargo in opposition to the Middle, Southern and Western States, and their large and lubberly division into counties which can never be assembled.
Two angels (Rembrandt's lanky, lubberly angels) appeared inside and asked her why she wept, a question immediately repeated by Jesus Himself: He was beside her.
Only a grass-combing, lubberly swab could fail to like this splendid film, directed by Peter Weir and starring Russell Crowe, based on the Aubrey/Maturin novels of Patrick O'Brian and set in the age of Nelson's navy.
As he puts it, he didn't want the book to become, too lubberly, and he succeeds, even down to the moody cover illustration, taken from On A Lee Shore, a painting by the great 19th century artist Winslow Homer.
He should at all times correct lubberly and untidy habits of other members of the crew.
He is "a pig, an ass, a dung hill, the spawn of an adder, a basilisk, a lying buffoon, a mad fool with a frothy mouth, a lubberly ass, a frantic madman.
Probably the name Garnet(t) would have meant to Conrad only his dear friend Edward Garnett, his not having heard of "all Sir Garnet" the British soldier's lubberly argot equivalent of the naval "ship-shape and Bristol fashion," after General Sir Garnet Wolseley (1833-1913), a soldier's soldier who gave distinguished service in many campaigns and had a reputation as a stickler for detail and discipline.
ROBIN Williams is having a lubberly, flubberly time and so will you .
It's hard to endure this magic kingdom of broken imps and lurching oafs, felons of a nightmare blood, fallen pediatric angels, lemures, gorgons, cyclopes, Calibans, God's ugly, punished customers, his obscene and frail and lubberly, his gargoyle, flyblown hideosities and blemished, poky mutants .
A similarly lubberly Archangel Gabriel raises his brawny arm over the plump-cheeked Mary, who has dropped on her knees from a homely wooden chair in front of her unmade bed in The Annunciation (Nancy Musee des Beaux Arts, c.