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an awkward stupid person

an inexperienced sailor

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Talking to engineers at Dallas-based Deejay Industries, Ritchie's engineers decided to try the screw-machine specialists' suggestion of knurling the end of each lubber line.
California's new agreement with four major automakers that acknowledges the state's authority to set vehicle fuel economy and emissions standards "is an encouraging step that reinforces the clear business case for rejecting any proposed rollback proposed by the Trump administration," Ceres President and CEO Mindy Lubber said in a statement today.
Thanks to its optimal molecular weight, LFR reacts completely with solid lubber during vulcanization, meaning that, unlike an oil, which would migrate to the rubber's surface over time and thus impede hardening, it stays bonded.
Grasshopper sampling and morphometrics.--We collected 150 adult eastern lubber grasshoppers from a brackish marsh in St.
Lubber, regional administrator said-is "access to more extensive and helpful collection of information on how to comply with the law, how to prevent pollution and other environmental materials."
A BBC spokeswoman said: "Lenny has never done sailing before so he's a real land lubber - but we're sure he'll be fine."
So sorry, Mr O'Brien, I'm neither a land lubber or a hero, but I do know that by taking no action sooner or later one of these tankers is going to be used as a bomb by a terrorist group and there could be a catastrophic loss of life and an environmental disaster.
Romalea microptera (Beavois), the eastern lubber grasshopper, inhabits a geographic range that includes distinctly different climates.
Use of the rubber process analyzer to characterize raw lubber, predict downstream processability for mixed stocks, measure curing characteristics and cure dynamic properties will be examined.
In this paper, we argue that large size serves as an antipredator defense in two species of lubber grasshopper (Romalea microptera (Beauvois) and Taeniopoda eques (Burmeister), family Romaleidae) (1).
The newly released Special Report on Climate Change and Land (SRCCL) from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) "issues a clarion call to investors and companies to lead the transformation of our global food system" Ceres President and CEO Mindy Lubber said in a statement today.
A 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath colonial on .38 acres at 35 Lubber St.
Key statement: A coating rubber composition for a conveyer belt, comprising 15 to 75 parts by mass of carbon black having a nitrogen adsorption specific surface area of 50 [m.sup.2]/g or less, 25 to 100 parts by mass of calcium carbonate and 40 parts or less by mass of an oil per 100 parts by mass of blended rubber comprising of natural lubber and at least one of either butadiene rubber or SBR.
The conference will also feature morning and afternoon breakout sessions, including a CEO panel led by Robert Craven of FoodState and featuring Joe Keefe of Impax Asset Management LLC/Pax World Funds, Mindy Lubber of Ceres, Jesse Laflamme of Pete & Gerry's Organics and Amy LaBelle of LaBelle Winery.
The number of insurers receiving high scores more than doubled since the last report in 2014, from nine to 22, "but too many insurance companies are still ignoring the issue, especially when it comes to engaging on climate policies that would reduce the pollution causing climate change in the first place," said Mindy Lubber, president of Ceres.