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Synonyms for loyalty

Synonyms for loyalty

faithfulness or devotion to a person, a cause, obligations, or duties

the condition of being closely tied to another by affection or faith

Synonyms for loyalty

feelings of allegiance

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the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action

References in classic literature ?
Our hatred of the common enemy is sufficient bond to insure our loyalty to each other, and after we have defiled the Princess of Helium there will be still greater reason for the maintenance of our allegiance--unless I greatly mistake the temper of her lord.
To-mar explained to So-al that it was I who had killed the cave-lion and saved her life, and that Ajor was my woman and thus entitled to the same loyalty which was my due.
He has forfeited all claim upon your love, loyalty, or respect.
I deplore the action of Lieutenant Alvarez, but I cannot expunge from my mind the loyalty and self-sacrificing friendship which has prompted him to his acts.
I put my hand on his shoulder, and I guess that my voice trembled a trifle as, while reproving him for his act, I made it plain to him that my gratitude was no less potent a force than his loyalty to me.
Tell her that the loyalty she prizes so much has never wavered.
It cut her to the heart, for she could not but remember the harsh thoughts that had threatened her loyalty during the week past.
This, in view of the evident and fierce loyalty that surrounded him, was inexplicable.
We had to invent details at last to satisfy his craving curiosity; and our loyalty must be pardoned, for we tried to make them fit for his august and resplendent ideal.
He had foreseen Stevie arrested, and was not afraid, because Mr Verloc had a great opinion of Stevie's loyalty, which had been carefully indoctrinated with the necessity of silence in the course of many walks.
He needed all her assistance and all her loyalty in these new conjunctures his fatalism had already accepted.
In all the eventualities he had foreseen Mr Verloc had calculated with correct insight on Stevie's instinctive loyalty and blind discretion.
The majority handle loyalty programs internally rather than using a third party consultant or contractor
Christianson, widely viewed as an industry leader, is a 12 year veteran of the loyalty space.