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a person who is loyal to their allegiance (especially in times of revolt)

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In monument format, we will read about Jim McKenzie's passion for refurbishing the gravestones of his ancestors, or Stuart Manson's Loyalist Burial Site Commemoration project: an outreach project of the St.
The LCC was set up with the backing of former Tony Blair aide Jonathan Powell in 2015 to tackle criminality, educational under-achievement and "loyalist disenfranchisement" in politics.
While Chopra cites Thomas Hutchinson as a particular point of departure, the author does not expand this mention into a general overview of Loyalist historiography.
(24) As one scholar has pointed out, "The heavy dependence of Van Tyne's general history upon Flick's work on one province is clear." (25) Flowever, Van Tyne utilized the transcripts to demonstrate how laws passed by the rebels affected the loyalists. Though Van Tyne agreed with just about everything Flick had postulated, including the number of loyalist exiles.
Her real point of departure is the situation that loyalist refugees living behind British lines and the empire faced in 1782-1783, as the negotiations ending the Revolutionary War and the global conflict to which it led went forward in Paris.
After marrying a loyalist army captain during the war, she was evacuated from Savannah, Charleston, and East Florida--the last viewed as the promised land for southern loyalist exiles until British diplomats handed the territory over to Spain in 1783.
It has been almost a decade since the peace accords were signed in Northern Ireland, yet many loyalist paramilitaries continue to operate.
David Ervine, leader of the UVF-aligned Progressive Unionist Party, would not be drawn on the challenge facing loyalist organisations.
Giant "Loyalist men" billboards guarded the highway approaches to the city until 2003; in the age of inclusion, the slogan "Loyalist city" is no longer appropriate.
The news comes amid growing fears of loyalist rivalry at the teaming coastal resort.
However on April 5, 1998, five days before the Belfast Peace Agreement was signed, Loyalist Parties the PUP and the now defunct UDP then met the Taoiseach in Dublin for crucial talks.
Josie is raped by her brutal stepfather (a Loyalist sympathizer); she murders him, disguises herself as a boy by cutting her hair and wearing the stepfather's clothes, and runs away in a panic.
Townsend's position within Loyalist New York provided him access to a wealth of intelligence (information, often secret, about an enemy).
A LEADING Loyalist godfather was being questioned by police last night following a raid on a bar.