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lower than average


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Radians showcased a Lowset Range Combo kit in aqua during SHOT Show.
Dysmorphic features including mild frontal bossing, lowset ears, and marked clinodactyly of his fifth digits (Figure 1) were suggestive of Russell-Silver syndrome.
Potter's syndrome can also be seen in infants with normal kidneys due to the prolonged leakage of amniotic fluid during the middle gestational weeks .Potter's facies have a characteristic appearance of flattened 'parrot-beaked' nose, recessed chin, prominent epicanthal folds, lowset, cartilage-deficient ears (known as 'Potter's ears') (3) with other associated abnormalities as Ophthalmic (Cataract), (4) Cardiovascular (Ventricular septal defect.
He incorporated Rastafari elements in his repertory, such as the lowset, skipping dance that hip hop has adopted as "skanking" and a Caribbean approach to musicality, in which the dancer slips into the rhythm and stresses the upbeat, not the down.
It was the weekend, so it was busy, and the two bars on the upper floor, a U-shaped affair with plenty of lowset sofas and lower lighting, were swamped at least five-deep.