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Synonyms for lowest

opposite to or farthest from the top

Synonyms for lowest

lowest in rank or importance

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6 ug/g) for liver tissue was observed in Arsuz, whereas the lowest level was observed in Dortyol (Table III).
Duterte said the lowest bid does not guarantee quality products being procured by government.
The advertisement unambiguously stipulated that a bidder may be awarded one or more contract packages if it submits the lowest evaluated substantially responsive bid(s) provided such bidder meets the aggregated qualification requirements for one or more contract packages.
What are the lowest and highest alphanumeric values shared by two or more cardinal words?
This will be the fourth group of medicines for which the prices are being unified based on the lowest price in the GCC region, said Dr Amin Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Medical Practices and Licensing at the UAE Ministry of Health.
For May and June 2012, the cheapest hotel is the Avalon House, with a lowest rate of $42.
Of the four LCS teams (Phillies, Giants, Yankees, Rangers), the vaunted New York Yankees are not the highest priced tickets on the resale market, but rather the lowest of the four.
Out Bided Response: You will get this response if you were the winner at one point in time having Lowest Unique bid but are now out bidden by someone else.
The force also has the lowest rates for burglary, robbery and vehicle crime, with burglary falling by more than 20% and robbery by 30%.
Key areas of improvement within the performance indicators include: The amount of waste being sent to landfill falling to its lowest ever figure of 60%, as well as an increase by 4% in the amount of waste recycled and composted compared to last year's figures; The provision of 1,366 new affordable housing units inWales, up from 744 in 2007-08; A completion rate of 99% for the inspection of high risk premises for food hygiene and health and safety; An increase in the proportion of social care referrals processed within one working day, and a fall in the number of children in care who leave school with no qualifications; A drop to 1.
The ownership shift would be 5%, their current interest over their lowest ownership interest during the three-year testing period (which was 0%).
The good news: The Golden State has among the lowest rates of smoking, infant mortality and cancer deaths.
Costs among the sickest patients (those with the lowest CD4 cell counts) come to nearly triple those among individuals whose disease is least advanced.
The estimated characteristic sizes of the neutron wave functions in two lowest quantum states correspond to their expectations with an accuracy of [approximately equal to]25 %.
BRUSSELS -- The number of persons seeking asylum in industrialized countries fell sharply for the third year in a row in 2004 to its lowest level in 16 years, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reports.