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Synonyms for lowercase

the characters that were once kept in bottom half of a compositor's type case

relating to small (not capitalized) letters that were kept in the lower half of a compositor's type case

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Most clinical chemistry laboratories in Italy and elsewhere express the partial pressure of blood gasses with a lowercase "p", as in POZ and PC0z, but an uppercase "P", as in POZ and PCOZ, is also used frequently.
The cNation branding will include a lowercase "c" placed in front of each major area of interest on the channel, including cNews, cGovernment, cFood, cCulture, cBusiness, and cEvents.
American Heritage Dictionary IV notes that "This trademark often occurs in lowercase and as a verb in print: 'Two young men quietly spackled and whitewashed the walls.
Yet the most interesting aspect of her work might have to do with a second kind of romantic impulse, this one decidedly lowercase and lower culture.
When I'm working in Word, I have to change letters from uppercase to lowercase.
The line, which will carry a ``dkny'' logo, all lowercase, is a division of Karan's DKNY Kids collection.
When biologists or chemists name something, they use either Latin or a strange dialect in which upper- and lowercase Latin and Greek letters are jumbled together, and in which numbers and even commas are used as elements of spelling.
Lowercase type is now used for the "IDM" characters because it projects a more welcoming and accessible image.
th] 2013 by using the coupon code 10%combo at checkout (all lowercase, one word).
In a work made up of fencing that rises two-thirds of the way up a field of black cloth, white cutouts form emotive eyes "behind" the chain link, while above it the forms appear as elementary birds shaped like lowercase m's.
Type 1 fonts were limited to 256 glyphs (which could be uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, or ornaments).
In late 1987, then-CEO John Akers of International Business Machines (IBM) was reviewing the product menu at a meeting and scanned a list of vague acronyms and numbers, initials with dashes and slashes, upper and lowercase, piled one after another after another.
Jeans made with all, or a significant percentage of, organic cotton will be signified as "Levi's(R) Eco" and feature an embroidered lowercase "e" inside the front pocket, or at the bottom of the right leg of each jean.
Of course, introducing occasional lowercase letters in all-caps headlines is nothing new.
Lowercase People, Switchfoot's non-profit organization, will be at the event collecting donations on behalf of The Salvation Army will support the victims of Hurricane Katrina.