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the characters that were once kept in bottom half of a compositor's type case

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Or perhaps that should be "eXciting new eRa" because Battersea Park is hosting London's first ePrix - a race featuring electric cars - and, as I'm sure you know, anything electric has to have a funky title mixing up upperand lower-case letters.
Further analysis by Trustwave found the most popular type of password was between six and nine characters long, but contained just one type of character - in other words, all lower-case letters or all numbers.
When referring to a 'standard' or 'standards' mid-sentence lower-case letters should be used," it ordered.
She utilized upper-and lower-case letters effectively to add a little contrast and modelling into her design.
Only lower-case letters are used, which are based, at a 1:1 scale, on the letters of a no longer existing neon sign from the socialist housing project Bruhlzentrum, built in Leipzig in 1963.
A password consisting of eight lower-case letters can be cracked in a few minutes using a cluster of GPUs, said Richard Boyd, a senior research scientist and project lead.
uk, go to the Journey Planner and enter our promotional code (all lower-case letters, no spaces between words) or call Citylink's contact centre on 0871 266 3333 and quote the full promotional code.
Or to put it another way, solvers were given four complete alphabets, two of them upper-case and two lower-case; all 52 of the upper-case letters had to be used in the solution, as well as any 24 of the lower-case letters.
Exhibit 1 identifies the number of participants with passwords containing upper-and lower-case letters, symbols, numbers, or a dictionary word.
Diagrams for upper- and lower-case letters are accompanied by ideas for borders and decorations.
Data stored on the device is protected with 128-bit encryption secured by a strong password (that is, it requires a mix of upper- and lower-case letters as well as numerals and special characters).
grep (spelled in lower-case letters by purists) is a tool that emerged from the UNIX world during the 1970's.
3 (those lower-case letters suggest "license management") lets you "check out" a network license lot a limited time, and then return that license to the server when you reconnect, time out, or release the license.
Readers are struck first by the stark photo on the book cover of a smiling little black boy pointing a gun at his head in what is ostensibly a mock suicide, with the book title in lower-case letters and the sign of a red "x" under the photo, suggesting the child's violent self-erasure.
Learning to read a sentence or paragraph required greater skill, even if it was written in a clear hand on a clean surface, because words in ancient texts were not separated from one another, lower-case letters were not used, and punctuation was at best sporadic.