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Second, lower status members may withhold their unique and valid knowledge and ideas simply because they do not get opportunities to speak (Ritchie, 2012).
The discussions raised here show that languages in the peripheries which include Xitsonga and Tshivenda have a lower status if compared to English, Shona or Ndebele.
Social dominance orientation is an anti-egalitarian attitude that includes one's preference for group-based social hierarchy and support for discrimination against lower status groups (Sidanius & Pratto, 1999).
She adds: "In these cases, the Yorkshire gentry were able to use the courts to their advantage by accusing those of lower status than themselves."
That run was finally broken when Dublin, at a much lower status then than they have been in recent years, claimed a shock final win over Kilkenny in 2003.
Many of Shenoy-Packer's findings coincide with larger trends reported in studies conducting in India and elsewhere regarding women's motives for working--including that lower status mothers' lack of studies and precarious financial situations are often an impetus for their daughters' to study and work, while educated women in middle income households may tell their daughters that remaining at home is fulfilling in terms of family, yet boring.
Similarly clubs of a lower status have brought substantial followings to the Ricoh in recent years including Millwall, Kidderminster and Worcester City this season.
The family of the victims even accused the local police of attempting a cover- up of the incident due to the lower status of the family.
According to the study, rather than doggedly adhering to norms that wives should have lower status than their husbands, men and women are increasingly forming relationships in which women have the educational advantage - so much so that it is now more common for wives to have more education than their husbands than the reverse pattern.
A LEADING academic has claimed that calling teachers "Sir" or "Miss" is depressing, sexist and gives women in schools a lower status than their male counterparts.
Now, however, ambitions for social mobility have led to initiatives among lower status communities as well, including the Ezhava (a formerly "backward" Hindu community) and Muslims, for access to the training that leads to a prestigious profession like medicine.
In this context, women are assigned with lower status than their male counterparts.
Countries like Finland, which regularly come top of international comparisons in core subjects like English and mathematics, do so without giving lower status to music.
of the Association Agreement with the EU - Yerevan will try to sign a document on a special, lower status of Armenia in the relations