lower limit

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Synonyms for lower limit

the smallest possible quantity

the limit on the lower (or southernmost) side of something

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9 Chloride Table 2: Lower limit and upper limit compound of NPK fertilizer Compound of Lower limit Upper limit fertilizer (kg/ha) (kg/ha) Nitrogen (N) 80 140 Phosphorus(P) 75 125 Potassium (K) 60 120 Table 3: Priority Achievement Priorities Description Achievement P1 Minimize the total cost goal Achieved infertilizer content P2 Minimize underutilization of the Achieved lowerlimit of nutrients P3 Minimize over utilization of the Achieved upperlimit of nutrients
Costing pounds 180,000, the lower limit would apply to the area bounded by Cathays Cemetery, the Rhymney and Merthyr railway lines, Cathays Terrace and Fairoak Road.
Sir Peter said the drinks industry supported the lower limit and that the hospitality industry, including pubs and hotels, should look to reducing the high cost of soft drinks.
Lower limits for two beds in Downtown Dubai have dropped 5 percent.
For example, the lower limit rent for a 5 bedroom villa on Palm Jumeirah is currently at AED 400,000 per annum.
For example, if we want an article to have a constant behaviour, the limits could be picked small and relatively the same, let's say lower limit 5% and upper limit 5%.
The median pediatric factor XI concentrations were similar to that for adults, but the reference intervals had a higher lower limit.
If the kids have fewer assets, they are likely to need a lower limit,'' said Zalokar, whose first car was a late 1970s Chevy Impala.
Using the same benchmark dose lower limit and uncertainty factor used by the NRC, Mahaffey et al.
As our GE source states: "Even the smallest jobs take time to set up, in our case about 30 minutes, and thus for us the practical lower limit for auctions was around [yen]50,000.
Choosing an appropriate lower limit of normal will not solve all the problems of interpretation.
Consistent with other IRS guidance and practice, the M&E revenue procedure requires the taxpayer to use the lower limit of the confidence interval rather than the statistically best single estimate.
In another case, higher interest will be paid when the value of the currency depreciates to or beyond the lower limit against the yen even once.
Laurel Farrell of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's forensic laboratory urged lawmakers to adopt the lower limit, saying drivers can be significantly impaired with as little as 0.
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