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visual examination of the colon (with a colonoscope) from the cecum to the rectum

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residents aged 50-75 years reported lower endoscopy within the past 10 years.
A similar incidence was found in a series that studied the utility of anoscopy in addition to lower endoscopy.
The preprocedural diagnosis differed from the postprocedural diagnosis in 60% of the cases for both upper and lower endoscopy.
In light of his complaints of refractory intestinal disturbances, he underwent upper and lower endoscopy, during which time a nasal biopsy was also performed.
Geisler localized the tumor with lower endoscopy, then transected the rectum with Covidien's Endo GIA[TM] 45 mm articulating medium/thick reload with Tri-Staple[TM] technology.
For this analysis, the researchers excluded participants in the two studies who had a lower endoscopy prior to the index procedures included in the two databases, those who had prior polyps or any cancer other than nonmelanoma skin cancer before they had their index endoscopy, and participants with inflammatory bowel disease.
CDC calculated the prevalence of adults who reported having had an FOBT within the past year or lower endoscopy (i.
Included in this review are commonly used upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopic procedure codes; corresponding reimbursement values from one state's Medicare and Medicaid program; lists of diagnosis codes used in reporting upper and lower endoscopy services; and instructions for reporting visits and intravenous anesthesia associated with endoscopy procedures.
Overall, combined colorectal cancer screening rates (including lower endoscopy and fecal occult blood testing) increased from 52.
The overall interval colorectal cancer (CRC) rate, defined as colorectal cancer diagnosed 6-36 months after a lower endoscopy, was 11.
Percentages were estimated for persons aged [greater than or equal to] 50 years who reported receiving an FOBT within 1 year preceding the survey or lower endoscopy within 10 years preceding the survey.
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