lower deck

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the deck below the main deck


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John, 65, said: "I don't know how but they had somehow managed to get a rope hooked on to one of the lower decks and there was a pirate climbing up the side.
The platform is tilting by 20 degrees with its lower deck almost in the water.
The home run buried itself into the back of the lower deck, for a three-run lead that Tom Glavine would not have surrendered at knifepoint.
The work also includes filling the void space of the toll booth with a pre-cast concrete slab, removing all the utilities that feed the plaza area, installing shielding on the upper deck to protect traffic on the lower deck, creating a work zone using temporary concrete barrier and installing temporary signage for construction
The lower deck was full so I went upstairs only to find the bus lights on the upper deck were not working so had to sit in almost complete darkness.
The lower deck was virtually clear and one could see through it.
The tiny singer, 33, was partying aboard the HMS Delphinium in Cannes when she peered down to the lower deck - and spotted a drooling Phats, from dance act Phats and Small, enjoying the, ahem, view.
Brown said Thursday he expects that by June, Caltrans will decide to raze the freeway's lower deck, not rebuild it at a cost of up to $160 million.
The PDU, which drives the cargo containers into position, is designed to be "universal", allowing lower deck commonality on Boeing B777s and B767s, and with minor modifications, on B747s and Airbus A330s and A340s.
My 14 year old daughter and 10 year old son headed for the rear seats on the lower deck.
The buses were designed in 2005 by Alexander Dennis and feature a modern exterior and allow for up to nine more seats in the lower deck than in other comparable buses.
Kieran Collins, of Villa Park, Finglas, and eight relatives sued the owners of the Lower Deck Pub, Dublin, after being turned away at the door.
They should also travel on the lower deck of buses wherever possible and avoid sitting alone.
On the upper deck of the A380, 94 fully flat Prestige Sleeper seats are located in Prestige Class (business class) while the First Class Kosmo Suites are placed in the front of the lower deck.
The man, from Ward End, was travelling on the lower deck of the Travel West Midlands bus and police are eager to speak to any witnesses who saw him fall.