lower criticism

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the study of existing manuscripts of the Scriptures in order to determine the original text

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Fish's comment is emblematic of a generation of scholars who thought that textual editing had mostly been done and that they could live off the capital of a century of Lower Criticism.
The handbook that was given to students at Union Theological Seminary in New York detailed two forms of criticism, lower criticism and higher criticism, but both were forms of historical criticism.
Their topics include the lower criticism and higher criticism case for 1 Esdras, the second year of Darius, ancient composition patterns mirrored in 1 Esdras and the priority of the canonical composition type, Hellenistic Greek elements in 1 Esdras, and the rendering of 2 Chronicles 35-36 in 1 Edras.
of London), while lower criticism is concerned with recovering the authentic text of these documents.