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any court whose decisions can be appealed to a higher court

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By declining to take the case, the court let stand lower court rulings blocking the law as violating the First Amendment rights of physicians.
The IHC judge said that previously the lower court umpteenth time gave chance to Musharraf to appear in the court, but he failed to make it to the court, which led to the issuance of the non-bailable warrant.
Lower courts have ruled that the Algiers Accords between Iran and the United States, which accords freed the hostages, precluded any lawsuits by them against Iran.
The appeals court wrote that if the lower court ruling were allowed to stand, "It would pre-empt ongoing Congressional and EPA efforts to formulate a C[O.
The lower court ruled the pop icon failed to meet an 18-month residency requirement but the high court allowed Madonna to adopt a four-year-old girl because "foreign parents" could better care for the child, the court's chief justice said.
The lower court judge quashed an apprehension order.
It also means the lower court ruling on summary judgment will be cited rarely, if at all.
COURT'S OPINION: The Supreme Court of Idaho reversed the lower court, vacated the judgment entered by the lower court, and remanded the case back to the lower court for proceedings consistent with the order of the court.
In a decision last September, the Manitoba Court of Appeal overturned a lower court ruling that found the government's refusal to pay for abortions at private clinics (opting to pay only for abortions carried out in hospitals) to be a "gross violation" of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Supreme Court has returned to the lower court a case involving New Hampshire's law requiring parental notification prior to an abortion.
The lower court judge applied an improper standard of review, according to the Appeals Court, in deciding whether the commission violated equal protection statutes.
The danger with judging Alito on his appellate court decisions is that conservative lower court judges generally rule in a way that would not be overturned by the Supreme Court.
An appeals court unanimously upheld a lower court decision dismissing a lawsuit brought by neighborhood residents attempting to stop renovations undertaken by the Metropolitan Museum on Manhattan's East Side.
11) The lower court held that this second round of statements was admissible because she was advised of her rights, and she provided a signed waiver.
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