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any court whose decisions can be appealed to a higher court

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Consequently, the case was remanded to the lower court to provide him that opportunity.
The lower court ruled that once a binder is signed the insurance contract is closed and the binder is the same as the regular contract.
If an appellate court properly functions to correct the errors into which a lower court has been betrayed, then Mr.
Rather, the lower court would have to explore whether the AA memorandum was prepared in anticipation of litigation and, if so, whether the government had shown "substantial need for the materials.
The simple fact is that most legal issues never find their way to the Supreme Court, which means that the lower courts often have the final say.
We are hopeful the appeals court overturns this disturbing lower court decision and puts the power to protect Americans back in the hands of the President.
Regarding the raise in the salaries of the lower court personnel he said that this issue, time and gain, had been taken, and also would be taken up, with the provincial governments but there were certain procedural and administrative hitches but those would be resolved in the days to come.
A state appeals court ruled January 6 that a lower court did not violate Randolph Hogue's rights when it ruled he could be barred from "exposing" his son to his gay lover or "lifestyle" but said the lower court was wrong to send Hogue to jail for simply telling his son that he is gay.
Lynn said he hopes the Virginia high court affirms the lower court ruling.
The decision of the lower court did not make sense, in that the total basis allocated in the bulk purchase of assets exceeded the purchase price of those assets, thus avoiding the recognition of taxable income that would have related to the bargain-purchased inventory on its eventual sale.
In determining whether the law allegedly violated was clearly established, courts will review both Supreme Court and lower court case law that existed at the time the alleged constitutional violation occurred.
In an opinion that could be of national significance, the Florida Court of Appeals affirmed in part and reversed in part a lower court ruling that Florida statutes prohibiting accountants from soliciting clients were unconstitutional (see Legal Scene, JofA, Mar.
Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld a lower court ruling declaring the national ban on partial-birth abortion unconstitutional.
The lower court threw out most of the claims in March 2000, saying the statute of limitations required that plaintiffs needed to have filed their personal injury claims within one year of knowing about their problems.
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