lower bound

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(mathematics) a number equal to or less than any other number in a given set

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The merits of removing the zero lower bound have long been considered for existing currency systems, by Goodfriend (2000, 2016), Buiter (2009), Agarwal and Kimball (2015), and Pfister and Valla (2017) among others.
Ultimately, when the next recession strikes, central banks in advanced economies will have no choice but to plumb the zero lower bound once again while they choose among four unappealing options.
bar] [approximately equal to] 0 is the underlying lower bound.
First, an assessment of the degree to which monetary policy has been accommodating in the US suggests that the lower bound prevented monetary policy from sufficiently accommodating, given the large negative financial shock of 2008, the subsequent decline in inflation and inflation expectations, and drops in the US neutral real interest rate.
In this subsection, we derive an analytical lower bound expression on the ergodic capacity of D-MIMO system over non-correlated K fading channel.
In December 2008, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) lowered its target range for the federal funds rate to 0-25 basis points, effectively hitting the zero lower bound (ZLB).
The other three DCB specimens yield a lower bound of the delamination area increase of 538, 459, and 432 [mm.
Similarly to (17), evaluating the tightest lower bound on [x.
My goal in policy design has been to find the paper currency policy closest to the current system that fully removes any zero lower bound.
They examine how monetary policy can fix credit market imperfections, both in normal times and in times when the zero lower bound is encountered.
If a median (or other percentile wage) for an occupation falls into the open interval, OES can determine only that the percentile falls at or above the lower bound of the open interval but cannot assign a specific value to that percentile.
On January 15, 2015, to the perfect surprise of markets, business firms and politicians, the directorate of the Swiss National Bank decided to abolish the lower bound for the euro of CHF 1.
This model is represented by an Upper Bound (based on technological advancements), and a Lower Bound that is defined as the difference between the mean production and the Upper Bound.
By these hypotheses, the main aim of these calculations that are constructed based on lower bound theory is to find the tension distribution which provides the equilibrium equations in V volume, bound circumstances in Aq and At and surrender index in total environment and maximizes the followed integral.