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a low chest or table with drawers and supported on four legs

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Philippi-Hagenbuch (PHIL) now offers its HiVol Lowboy Trailer and Vehicle Recovery Tool (VRT) system for transporting equipment.
Under the three-year contract, Mack will deliver 152 Vision Elite models with lowboy trailers as well as spare parts.
For variety, he made a few lowboy trailers, but then needed something to set on the trailers.
A second option involved backing two M870 lowboy trailers against each other over the pipeline.
For Brown, the prospects of eliminating delays for his dump trucks, lowboy trailers, rollbacks, water trucks, and fuel/lube trucks would save time and increase productivity.
Because trucks with a variety of bed heights (from 36 to 62 inches) will be arriving at the facility to drop off and pick up pallet loads, both the receiving and shipping docks are equipped with a leveler that can accommodate a variety of vehicles including lowboy trailers. The leveler incorporates a hydraulic platform and bumpers that provide a full g ft of below-dock access to the back of the trailer.
Rogers' Ultima Series lowboy trailers are produced in 35, 50, 55 and 60 ton capacity models.
Laid flat, the tube was almost 9-1/2 ft wide and so long it had to be shipped in two parts on extra-long lowboy trailers.
Applications include dump, refuse, mixers and vocational tractor applications such as hauling lowboy trailers. Three basic interior packages are available -- contractor, select or premier.