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of humble birth or origins


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Thus, the queen tries, unsuccessfully as it turns out, to murder and thus sacrifice the lowborn boy audacious enough to behave like a brother to her own son; the princess's saviors decapitate the ogre, who must be sacrificed for having intrepidly married the king's daughter; the king throws the old hag out of the window, and when she manages to marry him, it is her sister who is sacrificed, possibly to atone for the transgression performed by her sister's transformation and marriage.
In the chapter on romantic comedy, Arab places her examination of Shakespeare's and Lyly's lowborn characters in the context of Castiglione's discussion of aristocratic manliness as either performative or as evidence of the innate superiority of gentle blood.
In "terms of social ambition," Quint says, "the aspiring giant mirrors not so much Don Fernando as the lowborn, social-climbing Dorotea herself" (59).
The opera-comique ultimately suggests that, at least for singers, social class is immutable: a lowborn actress can only perform the countess; she will never truly become one.
In each case, the lowborn patrons who flocked to see it were drawn because it re-asserted a feminine raunchiness which had featured in 'low' entertainments as far back as Australia's convict years.
It tells of the love between Isabella, the sister of wealthy Florentine merchants, and their poor, lowborn apprentice, Lorenzo.
In particular, the Mazda6 I Grand Touring, which starts life as a rather lowborn family sedan of indifferent parentageAua Ford/Mazda/Volvo mid-size front-drive global platformAuand then becomes astonishingly suave and sophisticated, by dint of practically every luxury option and feature in the Ford/Mazda larder (Ford cut its stake in Mazda to 13 percent from 33 percent in November 2008, but the companiesAAE products remain cheek by jowl).
Voltaire, whose real name was Arouet, was the son of a notary who had served as the Duc's lawyer, and was therefore a lowborn fellow.
But, despite his fame and celebrity, he was still considered a cultural lowborn because of his affiliation with the popular music industry.
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Thus, if Greville's hagiography was a critique of the lowborn of the Jacobean court, so O Cleirigh's may have been a critique of those who allied themselves with crown and castle in the wake of the Flight.
When Lady Doucette discovers her parents have hidden her magical identity since birth, she is determined to claim both her heritage and the man she secretly loves, despite her family's horrified disapproval and her lowborn fiance's distrust of magic.
At the very bottom were the lowborn, a group consisting of slaves and socially stigmatized people such as shamans and entertainers.
In fact, he is unabashed in his justification of armed conflict, describing World War I as "a bloody but bracing discipline that ennobled and even glorified many of those who practiced it, including the lowborn, even as it lead to their deaths" (118).
But the Rep's production creates an electric immediacy for the aud and an intimate connection with the high- and lowborn characters.