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of humble birth or origins


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Arab's thesis is on surer footing in her treatment of Love's Labour's Lost, wherein she argues that the classist leveling the play achieves ultimately undermines distinctions in quality between elite and lowborn men, but again any conclusions we might be led to draw about tone are highly speculative and impossible to corroborate.
67) They are fed by false philosophers--and we know the ones he means--who encourage an "infinite lust for ruling over others": "wherever men who yearn to dominate others rule, there we always find little justice, the rich lording it over the poor, and nobles violating the lowborn.
The presence of artisan characters such as Bottom in the play thus indexes broader class tensions and concerns about the potential disorderliness of lowborn workers in sixteenth-century England.
Notably, in the distinction between enemy Men and enemy Orcs, Tolkien is willing to accord some rights and respectability even to these fallen or lowborn humans fighting on Sauron s behalf, as when Aragorn--now King Elessar of Gondor--releases the Easterlings who had surrendered on the battlefield, makes peace with the swarthy men of the South, and frees the thralls of Mordor, granting them lands in that region (VI.
It tells of the love between Isabella, the sister of wealthy Florentine merchants, and their poor, lowborn apprentice, Lorenzo.
In particular, the Mazda6 I Grand Touring, which starts life as a rather lowborn family sedan of indifferent parentageAua Ford/Mazda/Volvo mid-size front-drive global platformAuand then becomes astonishingly suave and sophisticated, by dint of practically every luxury option and feature in the Ford/Mazda larder (Ford cut its stake in Mazda to 13 percent from 33 percent in November 2008, but the companiesAAE products remain cheek by jowl).
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Thus, if Greville's hagiography was a critique of the lowborn of the Jacobean court, so O Cleirigh's may have been a critique of those who allied themselves with crown and castle in the wake of the Flight.
At the very bottom were the lowborn, a group consisting of slaves and socially stigmatized people such as shamans and entertainers.
A famous satirical sketch from the middle of the century describes the brothel districts as places where it was impossible to tell the respectable man from the lowborn, because everyone wore the same fashionable clothes (Sinha 1991:35).
David's status as a lowborn interloper in the eyes of the elected Saul must be taken into consideration by those who would read Cowley's poem as a defense of the divine right of kings.
But is it really the wearing of the Nazi regalia that riles the offended parties, or just the fact that a member of the royal family, one of the sacred cows of British society, dares to act like us lowborn serfs?
53) Liaisons between high- and lowborn persons also appeared in other literature of the period--Morris' "Gertha's Lovers," for example, in the Oxford and Cambridge Magazine (1856)--but such love was usually ill-fated, as in Tennyson's 1842 "Locksley Hall.
Of course, the poet would not be expected to address a man of noble birth in the same way that he would a lowborn woman, possibly a harlot.
Donachie seems to have a mission to rehabilitate the reputation of the lowborn, sometimes vulgar but sexy, patriotic and apparently undervalued Emma.