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Synonyms for low-tension

subjected to or capable of operating under relative low voltage


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The low-tension principle of the Live Drum has allowed Nercon to engineer load capacities up to 20 lbs.
Moving your prospects and clients from a low-trust, high-tension level to a high-trust, low-tension state is crucial.
Sri Gopikrishna erects and commissions 33 and 11 KV substations, lays high- and low-tension (HT and LT) distribution lines under rural electrification programmes, undertakes underground power cabling, upgrades infrastructure, converts LT to HT lines, and separates supply and distribution systems for agricultural and residential purposes.
The drive system operates completely on rolling friction instead of the rolling and sliding friction of conventional low-tension spirals, so less lubrication is required.
The 3M[TM] Steri-Strip[TM] S Surgical Skin Closure is a noninvasive, adhesive-based wound closure device designed to treat low-tension lacerations and surgical incisions painlessly and without the use of needles.
The Reelex coil is said to be uniquely wound using multiple crossovers and a low-tension pattern that creates a radial hole passing through the center of the coil wall.
The Expander Roll is also available with a drive pulley for low-tension applications.
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