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not involving high technology

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The suspect, identified as Akayed Ullah, was "wearing an improvised low-tech explosive device" that detonated in a subway tunnel in the 42nd Street passageway between 7th and 8th avenues, NYPD commissioner James P.
For example, using a grabber to remove items from a high shelf at home is a simple low-tech AT device, as are the Velcro bindings on a pair of shoes for an individual with arthritis or limited ability to tie.
Incidentally, whenever I address the subject of low-tech living, I make frequent references to generic pioneer ancestors.
Critique: Simply stated, the glove compartment of every car should contain a copy of Walt Brinker's "Roadside Survival: Low-tech Solutions to Automobile Breakdowns".
Filling a gap, the focus here is on low-tech industries--which occupy a substantial portion of the economy in both developed and developing countries yet have received much less attention than high- and medium-tech industries.
Now there is a low-cost and low-tech answer to fighting dengue -- one that also feeds that same community.
I am such a low-tech guy and I had no difficulties 'reading' the issue.
Low-tech, low-cost Manpads present helicopter defense dilemma.
To most Americans, including some job shop suppliers, the world of the smaller supplier to the "big boys" is a world of low-tech bottom feeders.
Until now, Lancaster street conditions have been catalogued in a hands-on, low-tech way: a city engineer drove them regularly, noting their conditions and logging his findings in a book kept by the Public Works Department.
It also will help students identify applied high-tech research opportunities in a seemingly low-tech industry.
It's work that allows entire families to share in the enterprise and still maintain their core low-tech beliefs.
It's a classic move of low-tech astronomy, here enacted in a coastal setting--a science-nerd beach party of one.
189), Lee resorted to low-tech methods and materials.
This paper compares two methods of conducting focus group meetings with stakeholders, a low-tech "Post-it" notes method used during 2003 and the use of Smartboard technology to help facilitate the process in 2004.